14 January, 2015

Due to circumstances beyond their control related to their previous hosting provider, PACH was recently forced to find a new host for their Joomla website and CiviCRM. In addition, PACH has one volunteer in charge of CiviCRM which manages more than 450 volunteers and supporter contacts. They recognized the need for a solid support team in the event that this volunteer becomes unavailable or is unable to resolve an issue. They had asked several CiviCRM providers, but it was difficult to find one that could host and support Joomla, until they found Cividesk.

Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH) is a free clinic run by volunteers in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. PACH currently provides free primary care to 250...

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07 January, 2015
By jpolzin
The Bay Area Children’s Theatre (BACT) in Oakland, California was formed to help people develop a lifelong love for live theatre. From the get-go, the program was a success and quickly grew to the more than 54,000 constituents it has today. 
While tricked-out spreadsheets worked well as the organization established itself, the drawbacks of this method—limited access and errors—became apparent, so BACT needed a more sophisticated nonprofit CRM solution. Jim Meehan, BACT’s volunteer IT manager, researched options and decided CiviCRM was the best open-source platform to accommodate the theatre’s immediate and future needs.  
Thorough Demographic and Engagement Data
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16 December, 2014

Alumni Festival is organised every year and typically consists of 140 events such as topical lectures, tours of colleges/departments and opportunities for Alumni to return to the city and re-experience some of their time at Cambridge.  The events take place over 3 days and around 1100 alumni and guests book each year.

For 2014 the decision was made to bring the booking process entirely online, streamlining the booking and payment process.  The decision to use CiviCRM was based on our analysis and testing of the standard event booking forms, reporting features, support for multiple participants and advanced priceset functionality (max participants per line item with a variety of flexible selection options).  We were fully aware that some of the advanced features we required for Alumni Festival were not supported out of the...

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15 December, 2014

My first exposure to CiviCRM was around 2009. I was working at Freeform Solutions, Canadian IT nonprofit organization that supports other nonprofits by providing technology support. We were looking for a CRM system that would support an HR organization that had a few thousands contact records. They needed a software that would allow all staff to access the same contacts database so that all staff members can update the records, send newsletters and other mass mailings and to run reports on the collected data to know what type of clients they work with. In the future, they were planning to do online events registrations, possibly with payments.
We've done some research and several things attracted us to use CiviCRM for this project:
- CiviCRM, being an open source software, meant to us, the developers, that if we had to tweak any functionality or add some new features, we could do that without having to rely on the creators of the...

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08 December, 2014

Hello Civi Community

I would like to make contact with fellow charities using PCP Pages to learn more about the functionality and how it is used within charities. Looking to develop an online fundraising platform for individuals, teams and organisations using PCP's with some custom development to manage fundraiasing events and in memoery/tribute pages at LLR. 

Would love to hear from both end user organizations and developers on this front.

Thanks y'all


23 November, 2014

When I started using CiviCRM almost 5 years ago, I was amazed at how many things it could bring to a website right out of the box. The more I used it, the more I wanted to, and saw potential beyond simply keeping contact information, collecting donations, or managing events. CiviCRM is a game-changer. It was shortly after getting into a couple of large projects that the shine started to wear off just a little. Things started getting complicated and working with a CMS whose name is a Swahili word meaning, "all together" or "as a whole.", this was anything but.  CiviCRM and Joomla have a complicated relationship, because it’s really different from Drupal and equally different from Wordpress. This has always been a point of difficulty for Joomla users in the Civi community.

The story could end here, with me throwing up my hands and doing my own thing or going a completely different way, but it doesn’t. Having experience with IRC, I decided to dive head...

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19 November, 2014

When Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver was faced with fatal database errors during a CiviCRM upgrade, they did not know how to deal with this issue.

The Home Builders Foundation’s missionis to provide accessibility solutions and home modifications for individuals with disabilities and financial need through the collaborated efforts of the building industry. Having completed nearly 1,200 projects since 1993, the Foundation operates with a staff of two and a minuscule budget. They could not afford the services of a CiviCRM consultant to repair their database and proceed with the upgrade.

Cividesk offered their help as part of their giving back program. This program is targeted at ‘volunteer-run non...

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13 November, 2014

What type of systems did you have in place before CiviCRM and why did you choose it?
Before making the transition to CiviCRM, we were using Excel spreadsheets shared on a server.  However, we wanted to have more meaningful contact with our members, keep better track of membership and also increase attendance at our events by improving the way we handled event registration and promotion. CiviCRM allows us to do all of those things and is easy to use. Another great feature of CiviCRM is the fact that it’s available in different languages, we currently use the Spanish version in our office.

Which functionalities do you find the most useful for your organization?
We use many of the event management features including the creation of online event registration pages. Having online event registration pages on our website save us a lot of time since we don’t have to register manually each participant. Before CiviCRM, we took...

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23 October, 2014

BackOffice Thinking has created a Giving Tuesday campaign for CiviCRM.  We are inviting you to join us so that the world sees the unity of the CiviCRM community.  The idea is to harness the energy and conversations that are taking place in our ecosystem around Giving Tuesday and ask the CiviCRM community to Donate to protect their investment in their own technical infrastructure. (Click on the links for more information about Giving Tuesday and Stats about Giving Tuesday's Success).  


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22 October, 2014

20+ Sessions were recorded during last CiviCon London 2014 and are now available in CiviCon official website.

Here is a list of the recorded, produced and published sessions:

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