Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 18:09
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I'd like to introduce our client and case study the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

NAO and my company, Korlon LLC, worked together late last summer and I'm finally getting around to doing a writeup about it.  The project, despite a tight budget and tighter timeline, utilizes the following CiviCRM features with style:

  • Donations
  • Online event registration
  • Online membership signups of multiple types
  • Automated email membership reminders
  • CiviCRM Membership -> Drupal Roles sync Module
  • Contact and membership imports
  • Robust relationship management and permissioning
  • Custom data fields and profiles up the wazoo
  • CiviCRM Events in the Drupal Calendar
  • CiviCRM Events in Drupal Views Blocks

Custom Drupal modules (with CiviCRM hooks) were used as well as multiple edits to CiviCRM .tpl files. However, most of the code remains Core and unaltered. The keys to success, in the client's own words, were not just technical but training. Workflows were extensively covered in meetings and revised during the Agile Development process. The organization has been running strong with their new site on a minimal maintenance budget since launch in September.

View the full case study and video tutorial. Note: Some of the live site forms at are locked-down for users only, but are viewable via the screenshots and video.  If you have questions contact Korlon LLC here.


Nice one Stuart - once again setting the bar for Case Studies ;-)

Hi, Stoob

That's a great looking site - excellent work!

I'd love to know how you applied those filters to the event calendar. I can see how you'd pull in the event type and city, but how about the topic field and how did you pull that into Views?

I'd also love to know how you exposed the city filter as a multi-select.

Once again, really great job,


I used the latest version release of the Calendar module at the time (Sep 2010) and CiviCRM 3.2.4 which allowed me to use City and Topic as drop down menus without any hacking.  Topic is a Custom Data field in Civi


If you hadn't noticed the Drupal 6.x Calendar stable version  of the module had not been updated in a long time.  The maintainer rather, releases periodic dev releases.  I am not a fan of this release strategy, but I adapted to it.