24 March, 2016

World Family of Radio Maria is a non-governmental organization that through its services, assists and helps the spread of Radio Maria in the world in order to create an organizational culture in the context of the local media and related activities. Its local organizations are located in over 60 countries on five continents.

During 2013 some Radio Maria associations decided to adopt CiviCRM for:

  • Managing and encouraging Fundraising activities like Gala dinners and lotteries.
  • Centralizing communications with the constituents (sending letters, association papers, etc.)
  • Improving the management and relationship with the audience and with the various...
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11 March, 2016

Our customer Werk met Zin (Network of job coaches in Flanders) has a Wordpress site and uses CiviCRM to manage their relations and cases. On their Wordpress site they allow users to register for some events, which they solve with the civicrm event info and registration pages.

However, they also allow an individual to request the start of individual job coaching with a form. This should end up in CiviCRM as a special activity with the fields on the website form as custom data. And the Wordpress website is on another server, although that would not make such a big difference. Anyway, we (as in CiviCooP) developed a specific solution that takes the data from the Wordpress website on server A and sends it to CiviCRM on server B. The solution has a Wordpress part and a CiviCRM part.

The Wordpress plugin

This plugin can be found at...

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29 February, 2016

An Interview with the Mile High Youth Corps

The Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) located in Denver, Colorado was founded in the tradition of the Civilian Conservation Corps from the 1930’s. The organization helps young people make a difference in the community and their own lives, through service opportunities focused on conservation.

Cividesk recently spoke with Tory Pearson, the Annual Giving and Events coordinator about using CiviCRM to help manage and increase their donations and organize their annual fundraising event.

Like many nonprofits, MHYC is working on their fundraising efforts, and that has been their focus this past year. CiviCRM has been instrumental in helping them develop their donors database.  Tory used the database to track all of their 2015 donation information and then identified a list of top donors.  Development committee members of their...

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23 January, 2016

En el marco de CiviCon Madrid 2015 tuve la oportunidad de poder compartir la experiencia de algunos de los proyectos en los que estoy participando. A continuación intento resumir algunas ideas de la presentación.

El sector social de los Jesuitas en España centra sus líneas de actuación en:

  • el apoyo socieducativo a menores, adolescentes y jóvenes en riesgo social y actividades educativas en tiempo libre;
  • la atención social, psicológica y asesoría jurídica a población vulnerable;
  • la formación laboral a población vulnerable y en proceso de búsqueda de trabajo;
  • la acogida sociolingüística a población inmigrante;
  • al acompañamiento a personas internas en Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros;
  • bancos de alimentos;
  • y a la reflexión social.

5 de las entidades del sector social de los Jesuitas en Catalunya han...

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12 January, 2016

An interview with the International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) is a member-based network that connects NGO’s, social movements and advocates in more than 70 countries to create a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all. Cividesk recently spoke with Thea Gelbspan, Membership and Solidarity Coordinator at ESCR-Net about how CiviCRM has improved the network’s communication with members and resulted in a strengthening of their organization at the global

Before the transition to CiviCRM, ESCR-Net did not have a comprehensive system of contact management for their data.They were using outdated Excel spreadsheets that contained some of their contacts, whereas other contacts were stored in staff’s email address books, in yahoo groups or on various computers.“Our...

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10 January, 2016

An Interview with emPower Central Coast

EmPower Central Coast is an organization that was created to help homeowners in the County of Santa Barbara make energy saving improvements to their homes. The emPower program facilitates home upgrade projects by making them more affordable through incentives, financing, qualified contractors and expert energy advice through visits from an “energy coach”. The organization recently partnered with the counties of Ventura and San Luis Obispo in Northern California to expand and serve homeowners in the tri-county region. EmPower chose to work with Cividesk as their service provider to implement and configure CiviCRM and provide training and continued technical support. 

The emPower program offers many opportunities to homeowners including community workshops and educational events, hosting three to four per month...

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03 January, 2016

I have always been passionate about the nonprofit sector, and I had the chance to continue growing this passion when I joined iATS Payments in 2012 as iATS is a payment processor working exclusively with nonprofits. 

In my role as VP Marketing and Business Development, I am closely involved with the payment processor extension built for CiviCRM. The first version of our extension became available to the CiviCRM community in 2007, and iATS has been working closely with Civi to enhance our extension and update it on a regular basis with features that clients need. We completely updated it in April 2014 and released our latest version 1.4.2 in October 2015, each new version with several features and...

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03 January, 2016

1. What was the ambition when you started with CiviCRM?

Automating membership administration, event management en managing our donors.  We also wanted to combine our data from memberships, events, donations and relations so it would be easier to maintain and share our knowledge. Finally we wanted a link between the forms on our website and our CRM system.

2. Can you describe the project in a few sentences?

Working together with CiviCooP we looked at our processes and wishes. CiviCooP then imported all relevant membership data.

Wikimedia Netherlands decided to start the central registration of data of our relations with CiviCRM. so we had no issues with importing historical data.

After the import we kept a double administration for a couple of months to make sure we covered all facets and could solve all issues. Since  1 January...

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22 December, 2015
By laryn

Sprout Creek Farm is a functioning educational farm that produces award-winning artisan cheeses in addition to its educational programming. We've recently worked with them to streamline their website and the way they manage donations, registrations, cheese sales, and contact data. We tried to provide an on-ramp to the life of the Farm as much as possible via a short background video on the homepageas well as by featuring their incredible library photos in the background on interior pages. Click around the site to get a sense of the place (and visit in person when you can).

Previously, registrations for events and camps were handled through EventBrite and PDF or hard-copy registration forms. Cheese was sold online but the store didn't function smoothly. There was no way to cross-reference who had attended which events or made a donation to the Farm. When people wanted to book the cottage on-site, they had to call back (and sometimes...

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30 November, 2015

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is a member-funded organisation acting as the peak body for privately owned early childhood education and care services in NSW. It provides advocacy, policy and regulatory support and advice; member services; and professional development for members across the state of NSW, Australia.

Having inherited an inadequately implemented, heavily customised, poorly supported and undocumented older implementation of CiviCRM (with Joomla! 1.5), current staff resentment towards their CRM was high. Yet, ACA NSW were willing to give CiviCRM another go.

Being a membership based advocacy and training organisation, ACA NSW acknowledged that CiviCRM WAS a great match for them. They were able to see that CiviCRM had developed and matured and that it was far more ready to comply with their needs than it had been five years ago.

It's All Part of the Plan...

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