22 December, 2015
By laryn

Sprout Creek Farm is a functioning educational farm that produces award-winning artisan cheeses in addition to its educational programming. We've recently worked with them to streamline their website and the way they manage donations, registrations, cheese sales, and contact data. We tried to provide an on-ramp to the life of the Farm as much as possible via a short background video on the homepageas well as by featuring their incredible library photos in the background on interior pages. Click around the site to get a sense of the place (and visit in person when you can).

Previously, registrations for events and camps were handled through EventBrite and PDF or hard-copy registration forms. Cheese was sold online but the store didn't function smoothly. There was no way to cross-reference who had attended which events or made a donation to the Farm. When people wanted to book the cottage on-site, they had to call back (and sometimes...

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30 November, 2015

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is a member-funded organisation acting as the peak body for privately owned early childhood education and care services in NSW. It provides advocacy, policy and regulatory support and advice; member services; and professional development for members across the state of NSW, Australia.

Having inherited an inadequately implemented, heavily customised, poorly supported and undocumented older implementation of CiviCRM (with Joomla! 1.5), current staff resentment towards their CRM was high. Yet, ACA NSW were willing to give CiviCRM another go.

Being a membership based advocacy and training organisation, ACA NSW acknowledged that CiviCRM WAS a great match for them. They were able to see that CiviCRM had developed and matured and that it was far more ready to comply with their needs than it had been five years ago.

It's All Part of the Plan...

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11 November, 2015

PermEzone turned to Cividesk for help with a contact management and fundraising system needed to support a pilot program. We’re testing the idea of working with permaculture training centers to train and support family farmers in less-industrialized regions of the world. Farmers will be trained in the design of sustainable food systems and in the use of mobile phone technology to share knowledge and experience. Over the course of the pilot, we will continue to develop the program based on practical experience in a variety of settings, and work with an independent team of monitors who will evaluate and document the program’s impact, and validate the concept.

Cividesk offered their help as part of their...

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02 November, 2015
My name is Chris Burgess, I currently live in Dunedin, Aotearoa and I'm working with Fuzion. I'm @xurizaemon on Twitter, Github, IRC etc & blog at http://chris.bur.gs
With CiviCRM, I'm helping over 50 non-profit organisations raise funds, manage membership, run complex case management systems, communicate, build election campaigns, and change the world. Right now that looks like expanding options for CiviCRM provision & hosting, exploring ways of improving CiviCRM's user experience for onboarding new contacts, doing some prototype work on config management with a view...
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19 October, 2015
By katetak

Salvation Army Echelon, the official young adult auxiliary of The Salvation Army, is the product of an idea that began in Dallas, Texas in 2010. Echelon is the next generation of community action for the Salvation Army. Men and women age 21 to 35 engage in networking, fundraising and community service in chapters across the U.S.

After the network of chapters expanded from one club in Dallas to several clubs across the nation, Salvation Army Echelon wanted a solution to house the chapters under one umbrella while allowing each club to customize their own site. They chose Skvare based on their expertise in CiviCRM and the added benefit of having all web-related services - web development, hosting and maintenance - provided by one company.

Angie Harmon, Chair of PR & Communications of the Echelon Peoria Advisory Board says,...

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12 October, 2015


  • a short history of the Dutch Socialist Parrty
  • making the transition to CiviCRM
  • facing the challenges step by step

Introducing the Dutch Socialist Party
The Socialist Party in the Netherlands is a political organization that, of course, has set its goal on winning over as many people as possible to their cause.  The SP does that with the help of thousands of volunteers and members of Parliament on different levels throughout the country.

The Dutch Socialist Party was founded on the 22nd October 1972 and has made a constant rise since then which resulted in 1994 in a major breakthrough on a National level. That year two of its members were elected into Parliament. After that the growth has continued and nowadays the SP is the third biggest party in the Netherlands, in terms of both its members and seats in Parliament. At this time the SP has about 42.000 members divided over 163 local...

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07 October, 2015

The Highland Hospital Foundation is the 501(c)3 fundraising organization of HHA, Inc.  The mission of the Foundation is to enable and assist HHA, Inc. in maintaining quality behavioral health treatment programs.  As the philanthropic arm of HHA, Inc., the Highland Hospital Foundation supports the delivery of behavioral health services to patients of all ages and contributes to the overall quality of life in their community by providing financial assistance. Cividesk recently spoke with Gail Carter, Development Officer of the foundation about her experiences using CiviCRM.

When the Highland Hospital Foundation was first established, their data was successfully tracked using Excel spreadsheets since at that point they did not have much information...

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29 September, 2015

Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites is a membership organization that partners with the State of Georgia to protect, preserve, and enhance the state’s treasured places.  Back in 2007, after getting tired of keeping all of their data in spreadsheets and clunky Access databases, they recognized the need for a database to manage its donors and members. They chose CiviCRM because they had a limited budget, a volunteer willing to take the project on, and—most importantly—CiviCRM met all of their needs at the time.

Until early 2014, Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites had been managing their CiviCRM installation on their own, running their own upgrades and doing their own maintenance. While attending the CiviCRM User Summit in late 2013, Damon Kirkpatrick saw the importance of engaging a...

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28 September, 2015

The Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA) of Seattle is a non-profit organization that promotes equality in education, fosters civic engagement, and advocates for Vietnamese and other refugee and immigrant communities.  The organization focuses on supporting students and families, engaging leaders and working with diverse communities to support systems changes. Cividesk recently spoke with James Hong, Executive director and Kristina Ong, Fund Development Manager about how CiviCRM has helped them accomplish their mission.

Before implementing CiviCRM, VFA chose to use Sales Force as their CRM. However, VFA staff found Sales Force to be “cumbersome”; “it was just not intuitive”, explained James. After a year, they decided to make a switch to a different CRM that was easier to use. VFA had researched several choices before making their initial choice of Sales Force, and CiviCRM had been one...

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25 September, 2015
By Stoob

See how donation, events and grant data can live happily under one CiviCRM roof.

McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation is the leading funder of Oregon's social justice movements, driven by an unwavering belief in the power of collective action to change the world. Robust management of our various constituencies is essential for meeting our goals.

McKenzie River Gathering

In late 2012, the fundraising/events CRM we were using was about to be discontinued, and the custom Access-based database we were using for outgoing grants was becoming dated. We began the search for a CRM that could handle all of our program areas in one system. Since our constituents in fundraising/events and grants overlap, using a single CRM helps us get a better picture of people's relationship to MRG, and it streamlines...

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