Shout out to all who contributed to closing 14 issues during 4.5 Documentation Dash

2014-08-25 07:47
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The 4.5 Documentation Dash,held on Sunday, July  27th and Monday July 28th, was a remote sprint designed to finish documenting all the new features coming up in CiviCRM 4.5 and finalise the restructured Membership section.  With typical CiviCRM flexibility people worked on issues before, during and after the designated Dash days.  We closed 14 issues  (see )

Participants ranged from experienced CiviCRM users and documenters through to people who are fairly new to CiviCRM and were first-time documenters. Thanks to Joanne Chester, Jen Crothers, Eliot Mason, Chris Ward, Graham Mitchell, Diego Viegas, Laryn Kragt Bakker, Oliver Gibson and Michael McAndrew.


And well done JoAnne for organising it. I think flagging documentation requirements on JIRA tickets is super cool too

Agreed. Well done for the organisation Joanne, and also the Jira system seems well suited to this type of task so I look forward to doing more. Inlcusion of documentation issues on the issue tracker is I think a really important step forward in ensuring a well rounded approach and a better product.