Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 13:42
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BackOffice Thinking has created a Giving Tuesday campaign for CiviCRM.  We are inviting you to join us so that the world sees the unity of the CiviCRM community.  The idea is to harness the energy and conversations that are taking place in our ecosystem around Giving Tuesday and ask the CiviCRM community to Donate to protect their investment in their own technical infrastructure. (Click on the links for more information about Giving Tuesday and Stats about Giving Tuesday's Success).  

How can you Participate?  

CiviCRM Users:  Donate to help protect your investment in CiviCRM.  By safeguarding your investment in CiviCRM, you’re protecting your OWN investment in your technical infrastructure. CiviCRM allows organizations to become more efficient and effective in achieving its mission.  As a CiviCRM user, your organization has benefitted from its power and flexibility.  Similar to your organization, CiviCRM is sustained by voluntary contributions, so the stability of the software, development of new features and compatibility with constantly changing technology depends heavily on donations from generous supporters like you.  Donate now so that CiviCRM can continue to grow alongside the needs of your organization.  

Giving Tuesday Donate



Strategic Partners:  Please join us and send out emails to your clients.  Visit our Resources & Tools page for this campaign to see our Communications Schedule, sample emails and tweets, the modified Giving Tuesday logo and other marketing material that you can use.  Please feel free to recycle, share and/or tweak as you see fit.  

Tweet at @LWuPagano, @BackOfficeThink, @PKeogan, @CiviCRM or write in the comments below and let us know that you’ll be partnering with us, so that we can use our social media channels to create a lot of buzz.  And of course, feel free to DONATE too.    

Hope that together, we can have a very successful Giving Tuesday campaign to keep the CiviCRM project evolving to meet the needs of all nonprofits.