17 March, 2015
By roshani

On March 9, 2015, the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education (HFC) won the 2015 Nonprofit Innovation Awards for Management Operations from the Central Penn Business Journal for their CiviCRM implementation. The Nonprofit Innovation Awards recognize central Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations and their leaders for developing creative ways to help the region’s citizens with limited resources. Read the press release about the award.

Deb Livingston, HFC's Board of Directors President, reflected on the importance of CiviCRM in their organization and how it helped them to improve their operations. She explained, “Our constituents engage with our organization for varied...

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16 March, 2015
By roshani

It was great to see old friends and make new friends at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#15NTC) in Austin from March 4-6.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  I was wearing two hats so to speak--NetSquared DC Organizer & Ginkgo Street Labs' Director of Strategy & Engagement.  

As a NetSquared DC Organizer, I had the opportunity to connect with Elijah van der Giessen, Community Manager of NetSquared, and the great team of organizers from all over the world. We shared tips and challenges of being organizers, and enjoyed exploring the Box.com office with amazing views of Austin.  If you're in the DC metro area,...

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15 March, 2015

Compare your fundraising success last year with other CiviCRM users and small- to medium-sized nonprofits.  Third Space Studios have been conducting the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey for three years, helping smaller nonprofits compare their aggregate fundraising information to get a fix on how successful they are raising money from individual donors.

In return, the survey helps small and medium non-profit organizations gain useful insight into their own data, and contrast that with similar size organizations, to enhance their fundraising strategies.

This year, we realized that much of the survey data is already available in CiviCRM in a standardized way, so AGH Strategies wrote a report extension to help CiviCRM users easily gather data for the survey.  The report gives you totals question-by-question to match the survey.

Want to get started? ...

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26 February, 2015

Heart of A Warrior (HOAW) Charitable Foundation supports educational, cultural, and life-enhancing enrichment programs targeted to underserved children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Cividesk recently spoke with Jeff Martini, executive director about his experiences learning and using CiviCRM and how it has benefited his organization.

The foundation began using CiviCRM in 2013 with the help of Cividesk who implemented, configured and trained staff on the database.  At that time, the organization really didn’t take advantage of the many functionalities CiviCRM has to offer. “Even though the staff had CiviCRM available to them, it just seemed easier to rely on what they knew”, explained Jeff. 

When Jeff joined the HOAW team in the fall of 2014, he inherited paper...

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24 February, 2015
The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) is the state organization for homeschooling dedicated to serving the homeschool community of Texas. THSC had an existing portal with limited integration to CiviCRM.  THSC wanted to offer members a place where they could go and manage information about themselves and their family members while interacting directly with the data in CiviCRM.  To accomplish this, BackOffice Thinking created a custom portal environment using Drupal and CiviCRM.   The new portal offers enhanced functionality with more areas of integration with CiviCRM while reducing the amount of administrative burden on THSC staff.
Traditionally, only members accessed the portal but with the new solution, both members and non-members can access the portal through a login.  When logged in, different functions are displayed depending upon membership status.
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16 February, 2015

Spark Inside is an innovative new charity supporting young people in the criminal justice system to create more meaningful and productive futures through professional life coaching. Our pilot program was met with significant success; an independent evaluation of our one-to-one coaching program with 8 teenage boys leaving prison showed that one year after they had been released, the re-offending rate was 12.5%, compared to the national average of 70%. This year, we expect to offer coaching to 200 young people in prison.

Our infrastructure needs have grown alongside our client numbers. We were fortunate to benefit from the pro bono support of Mark Tompsett, a CiviCRM specialist, for nearly 2 years. He enabled us to develop a secure, customized system to capture necessary client and outcome data....

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09 February, 2015

Odoo is an open source accounting software. With much more features than only accounting, such as warehouse management, project management, HR management etc.

CiviCRM is an open source software for non-profit and is great in membership management, donor management etc.

For one of our clients we have been working in integrating both CiviCRM and Odoo where Odoo is leading in the financial data and CiviCRM is leading in the contact and membership data.

Meaning that in CiviCRM we create memberships and memberships contributions. Those contributions are synced to Odoo as invoices. In Odoo the invoices marked as direct debits are exported and send to the bank and in Odoo we read and reconcile the bank statements and marking the invoices as paid. As soon as an invoice is marked as paid the contribution in CiviCRM is also marked as completed. In addition when an invoice is created in Odoo this invoice is also created as a contribution...

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06 February, 2015

(My name, but blog is actually from MAF Norge's Steinar Sødal)

How to track what marketing effort is most efficient for recruiting donors or members?

All NGOs would dream, hope and maybe pray to expand their database of donors with new ones. Hopefully your NGO is doing more than just dreaming, but actually spending some money trying to recruit new donors or members.

If you are spending money trying to achieve this, you would probably be aware that this is expensive. Newspaper advertising, Facebook and Google ads, webpages, inserts, face-to-face on the street, events and so on. What effort gives you most donors, to the lowest price?

Any sales or marketing business will need a way to measure what marketing effort is most cost efficient. I sincerely think that NGOs should do the same, so that they could understand where their marketing strength and potential lies.

The main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for donor recruitment should be ”...

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21 January, 2015

The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP) was founded to serve as a bridge between the City of Denver and the non-profit sector.  The agency focuses on building individual skills and tools for non-profit and City agency staff in order to encourage the creation of cross-sector partnerships.  Cividesk recently spoke with Miriam Pena, director of the DOSP and Jason Salas, who handles marketing, media and communications within the organization about their experiences implementing and using CiviCRM.

Similar to many organizations who have transitioned to CiviCRM, the DOSP was initially using Excel spreadsheets to store their data.  However, they quickly determined they needed a better system to keep pace with their rapid...

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20 January, 2015
As CiviCRM’s Ambassador in Mexico since 2010, I connect the different actors involved (IT providers, non-profit organizations and the local and global community of CiviCRM). Here are some lessons learned throughout this process for supporting nonprofits in their strategic decisions and on building a CiviCRM culture in within the organization. Slowlly, CiviCRM is being used in Mexico. Very recently ­­I'm happy to report­­ I succeeded in convincing El Poder del Consumidor, Bicitekas and INSYDE to install CiviCRM.  I have been CiviCRM’s Ambassador in Mexico since 2010.  I love the term! In practice, I just talk, write and answer emails about CiviCRM, with an encouraging tone, but also realistic.  I prefer to see myself as a community-builder, where I connect all the different actors as needed (IT providers, non-...
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