Using CiviCRM

2011-02-23 17:09
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We are excited to announce the publication of Using CiviCRM, by Packt Publishing – the first full-length, commercially published book covering implementation, configuration, and usage of CiviCRM.

The book goes beyond technical “how to’s” by helping the reader think through their systems, organizational processes, and existing data in order to most effectively make use of CiviCRM’s tools. Using case studies, practical recommendations, and best practices, the book walks through configuration and use of the core software and its functional components.

Weighing in at over 450 pages – it provides a comprehensive review of the software and the ways it can be used.

The book is an important step forward for the CiviCRM project, opening new opportunities for users and implementers who want to better understand the system and become power users. In conjunction with recent updates to the existing FLOSS Manuals book, this book goes far toward educating the existing community and potential new users and helping to advance the project.

The book can be purchased from Packt Publishing in print or electronic format, or from Amazon and other retailers. It was authored by Joe Murray and Brian Shaughnessy.


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