Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 17:25
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Hello from Washington, where we've finished our first day of the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference events--halfway through the User and Administrator Training. 

(Read more about what's going on here this week at my previous blog post.)

But I have a request for all of you out in CiviLand--send us your awesome CiviCRM pages!  Show off what you've done for event pages and registration forms, contribution and membership forms, contact listings, petitions, and more.  We'll automatically show it at the NTC.

To secure your spot in the limelight, just tweet your url with the hashtag #civibooth and we'll take it from there!

(Shy about tweeting? You can also fill out the form at instead.)

I'll give an update in a couple of days--you have through Friday afternoon to tweet your site.  I hope this'll be a great way to show that CiviCRM is about the community--nonprofit leaders doing great things for their organizations with an awesome tool.  Thanks from all of us in DC!