Benefits of Mobile Payments for Non-Profits

2019-12-02 08:29
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Tis the season of Holiday fundraisers, face to face gatherings & last but not least the season of giving!

With so many live events going on, it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of mobile payment processing to maximize face to face fundraising and reach or surpass your fundraising goals this year.

Non-Profits who can’t accept credit card payments at their events are leaving donor dollars on the table. Some of our customers have Quadrupled Fundraising Dollars just by offering donors the ability to give via their credit card. For some insights into the potential that the iATS Mobile Payments App has to supercharge your fundraising, take a look at our recent case study on International China Concern below.

Throughout 2019 many new and existing iATS customers leveraged the iATS Mobile Payments App to avoid missing out on donations at events. International China Concern is just one of many success stories we have seen this year, and we expect to see many more in 2020 and beyond.

To learn more about how Non-Profits are benefiting from using the iATS Mobile Payments App to supercharge your fundraising efforts this holiday season, get in touch with iATS Payments today!


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Thank you for the question. Our mobile offering is not integrated into the iATS CiviCRM Extension today. The Extension does already have the capability to automatically pull transaction journals from your merchant account into CiviCRM, but it does not yet create actual contribution records if the transaction did not originate from CiviCRM. Saying that, we want to gauge the level of interest the CiviCRM community has in adopting mobile payments at their in-person events. If there is enough interest we will fund the full integration into our CiviCRM extension. Additionally, iATS is always looking for ways to inform and assist the CiviCRM community in increasing their fundraising efforts to support their causes. Hundreds of iATS nonprofits have been able to substantially grow their incremental fundraising dollars by offering their donors the ability to contribute gifts via credit cards at events.


We use iATS for our online conference registration, but use Square for on-site registrations and sales due to the lower cost of their equipment and ubiquity of the app (volunteers can use it with little to no training). The integration could have some really cool possible use-cases.