Fundraising with CiviCRM: Improve Your Nonprofit's Ask with A/B Testing

2018-06-27 09:28
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Just because your nonprofit's email communications are interesting to you (the person who most likely created them!) doesn't mean they will be interesting to your community. Is your call to action clear? Is your imagery inspiring and connected to your content?

Remove the guesswork from your email marketing strategy by using CiviCRM's A/B email testing feature.

Through A/B testing you can evaluate:

  • Subject lines
  • From lines
  • Entirely different messages

We do recommend that you only use this feature if you have at least 1,000 recipients in your group. As you configure your test, you will determine the distribution, meaning what percentage of recipients receive Test Mailing A vs Test Mailing B. The better performing email with then be sent to all contacts who did not already receive the intial test.

Learn more about how to set up and run A/B email tests by contacting us at Skvare.

This is just one way to improve your online donation conversion rate. Your final donation page matters as much (if not more!). Find out why you should include honorary giving on your donation page. If you're looking for more general fundraising tips with CiviCRM, ask us why we think CiviCampaign is so good at tieing together your nonprofit's fundraising efforts.