Dallas CiviDay 2014

2014-02-05 11:33
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We had a great time in Dallas, Texas during CiviDay 2014.  We want to give special thanks to Improving Enterprises for continued use of their facility and Skvare for being the long-term organizer of the group.

Invitations for CiviDay 2014 went out via the Meetup group and each of the attendees had differing experience with CiviCRM. Some were the resident experts and answered general questions about CiviCRM, others were users or completely new to the open-source idea.

To demonstrate community collaboration, we let the group members list the topics that they wished to discuss during the meeting. Based on our community’s response, we first discussed the ecosystem of CRMs and CMSs. Then we looked at specific open-source solutions and finished off with CiviCRM's roadmap for versions 4.5 and 5.0. Our Meetup was filled with inquisitive minds and we actually stayed longer than we had intended as the meeting was more of a discussion than a presentation.

While CiviDay 2014 has wrapped up, there are more events on the schedule for CiviCRM Meetups in the North Texas region. We want to give a special thanks to all who could attend and be a part of the global and virtual CiviCRM community.

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