21 July, 2018
By tiotsop
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Few months back I joined the civiCRM developers community as a Google Summer of Code intern with the objective of improving in my coding skills by making a significant contribution to open source software. It's gone quite well so far. With the help of my mentor and other CiviCRM community members I have successfully completed phase 1 and 2 of the program.

This blog post is a summary of what I have been able to achieve from the time coding began till July 09, 2018.

Docker, like many other cloud / container architectures, expects applications to work in a certain way. The Twelve Factor App does a good job of outlining what these are. CiviCRM violates a few of these principles (a simple example is that we hardcode the full URL across the app) and although it doesn't prevent us from getting it up and running, it does mean that in certain places we are not being particularly docker like or cloud friendly, and are preventing ourselves from making the most of the platform...

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16 July, 2018
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Hi everyone! I’m Abhansh, and I’m working on Making Transactional Email Templates Dynamic project for GSoC 2018. If you want more information about what this project is all about, check out the gitlab here. Mails are the de-facto standard for e-communication these days. We will be using MJML as our templating engine.

Some other templating engines :

  1. INK

  2. Foundation

  3. PUG

This project will help CiviCRM users to create individual mail templates which are responsive and look modern rather than the current set of choices they have which are basic HTML templates or...

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10 June, 2018
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Hi everyone! I'm Andy, and I'm working on the OSDI integration project for GSoC 2018. If you want more information about what this project is all about, check out the GitLab here. The source code is here. The OSDI standard is a set of standards for interoperability between products in progressive movements. For more information about OSDI, click here.

A few services that support OSDI integration are:

  • Action Network
  • ActBlue
  • CallHub

For a more detailed list, look here.

The purpose of this project is to support easy sync between resources on OSDI-compliant third parties and CiviCRM. For instance, this extension could hypothetically sync users consistently between CiviCRM and Action Network and...

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16 August, 2016
By ypranay

***************************************************************** INTRODUCTION ****************************************************************************

My name is Pranay and I study Computer Science at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. I am a student developer working for CiviCRM as a part of the Google Summer of Code 2016 program.  


This blog marks the end of my Google Summer of Code 2016 journey. I would like to start off by first thanking Google for organizing a yet another successful edition of the Google Summer of Code and changing the face of ...

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14 May, 2016
By ypranay
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Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting the blog post. I am Pranay (21 | Male | India). I am pursuing my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and have just completed 4 years of undergraduate education. This is my first time at the prestigious Google Summer of Code programme and I am looking forward to a great FOSS-flavored summer. 

Jarvis is such a cool name given to an AI-based assistant, isn't it ? I call my project - RepoBuilder. Its a highly responsive, light-weight and user-friendly module extension for generating reports within CiviCRM, aimed towards facilitating customers to customize the report template as they want - a significant and required improvement over the existing reporting module in CiviCRM. RepoBuilder will be equipped with a drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) interface (for the content blocks) along with added support for data transformation - sorting, pivoting...

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01 March, 2016
By xavier
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For the 3rd year, our application has been successful and google will pay students to work on CiviCRM for the summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to get new features or improve existing ones.  Just as important is the chance to get new contributors that may remain contributors for years to come, to help students discover how to contribute to a "real world" project, and get experience working in an open-source community.

We have already a solid list of mentors that have been contributing to CiviCRM for years and a lot of project ideas

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21 September, 2015
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Thanks to all the mentors and students that participated in this past GSoC Program!  There was a lot of effort and work put forth in these.  Please check out the blogs below to find out the progress of each project:

Email Preview Cluster

Refunds and Partial Payments

Implementing the Open Supporter Data Interface API

Integrating Google Analytics

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18 September, 2015
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Hi! I am Niko Bochan, a undergraduate student from the University of Bonn,
Germany. As part of my Google Summer of Code 2015 project I was
working on improving CiviCampaign. My mentor was Björn Endres from
SYSTOPIA, which is also – conveniently – based in Bonn.

You can find the last blog post here:

Project Status

All key features have been implemented:

Campaign-Manager Dashboard...

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30 August, 2015
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Hi, I am Vishal Agarwal a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science And Engineering at IIT-Bombay, a Google Summer of Code student for the year 2015. This is the final blogpost on my GSoC project - Integrating Google Analytics with CiviCRM. I was mentored by Kurund Jalmi. This blog post describes the features of my project.


I have added a new tab called Web Tracking to the event configuration page and the contribution configuration page. Using this tab, administrators can input configuration parameters related to Web Tracking.

Web Tracking Feature

This feature allows organizations to track traffic for their online event and contribution pages. The tracking reports provide organizations with valuable information like the number of visitors over a specific duration of time, the average...

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27 August, 2015
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Hi again, I'm Anudit Verma, a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at University School of Information and Communication Technology, in New Delhi, India.
This year I worked on Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) API implementation into CiviCRM project as a 2015 Google Summer of Code student. This is my second blog post in which I will be concluding and summarizing the work I have done past this summer.

You can look at the introductory blog post which was posted at the start of the coding period here:

Looking back at the 'Overview'

The OSDI API implementation is in line with CiviCRM's mission to be an open platform for organizations of all sizes. Creating the...

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