CiviCRM Strategic Fundraising and Campaigning GSoC Completion Report

2015-09-18 04:35
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Hi! I am Niko Bochan, a undergraduate student from the University of Bonn,
Germany. As part of my Google Summer of Code 2015 project I was
working on improving CiviCampaign. My mentor was Björn Endres from
SYSTOPIA, which is also – conveniently – based in Bonn.

You can find the last blog post here:…

Project Status

All key features have been implemented:

Campaign-Manager Dashboard

Have a look on the User Guide for a detailed description of all features.
Finding the old name too long (and not really describing what the extension does) we decided to rename the extension to Campaign Manager.

Public Demo

If you want to try out the extension without setting it up yourself
you can head over to

and log in using the following credentials:

  • User: demo
  • Password: demo

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Important Links


First of all I want to thank my mentor Björn Endres, Fabian
Schuttenberg and the CiviCRM team for their great support and feedback
over the course of
this project. It was a great opportunity to learn, especially
regarding project management, time management, communication and
Learning about the current Javascript technologies such as AngularJS
and D3.js and their different concepts was also really enjoyable for me.
I hope the experience gained from being part of this project will help
me to contribute better software to the open source community in the

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Niko, Björn and Fabian - This looks quite useful and well thought out. Thanks for the great work AND for sharing so beautifully here on the blogs. Are you also planning on showing this off at CiviCon London (session or lightning talk)? I think folks would find it super interesting.

Hi Dave. Thank you for the positive feedback, it's much appreciated. We are indeed planning on presenting and demonstrating the project at CiviCon London. Currently, Jaap is trying to work out whether this will be as part of a joint GSoC session, or whether we'll present it as an extension showcase. Either way, you'll see more of this.

This is exciting stuff. You should consider submitting this to civicrm extension directly once it's ready.