27 August, 2015
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GSoC Concluding Blog (Refunds and Partial Payments for CiviCRM)

I am Tahir Ramzan, pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Virtual University of Pakistan. I was working on refunds, partial refunds and partial payments development for CiviCRM in this Google summer of code. Parvez Saleh was mentoring this project.

The purpose of these modules; refunds, partial refunds and partial payments are to provide CiviCRM community a user friendly and efficient solution to make refunds and offer partial payments to their users.

I had experienced with OOP, PHP and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) but it was several other new things to learn and understand first to get my hands working with the CiviCRM to achieve my milestones and goals. I took more time to get myself comfortable with CiviCRM development environment but it was great learning and networking experience for me to interact with experts and working with open source and existing software...

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21 August, 2015
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Hi! I am Utkarsh Sharma, a third year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. This the final blog post regarding my GSoC project Email Preview Cluster. Tim Otten is my mentor for this project.

My midterm blog post about the project can be seen at

The Composer GUI

I have added a new block to the Mailing Page for requesting an Email Preview Cluster. This block sits at the bottom of the page just below the Preview Block. When a new mailing page is opened, then initially the Request Preview Option is disabled. This option is only enabled after all the required fields are filled and at least one Email Client has been selected from the checkboxes.


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30 June, 2015
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Hi, I am Vishal Agarwal a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science And Engineering at IIT-Bombay, a Google Summer Of Code student for the year 2015.


CiviCRM allows organizations to create events and helps to manage simple and complex event registration process. With millions of web pages currently on the internet and even more being added day by day, organizations want to know more about their visitor flow. Statistically measuring the success of a campaign is a very important task. Fortunately Google Analytics provides very user friendly  ways to do the same.

This summer, as a part of my GSOC project, I will integrate the web tracking features provided by Google Analytics with CiviCRM. I am mentored by Kurund Jalmi. This blog post describes the features of my project along with what has been implemented so far.


I have added a new tab called WebTracking to...

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24 June, 2015
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The campaign module already provides an easy to use interface to manage simple campaigns and link contributions, activities, etc. to them. However, analyzing the outcome or planning more complex campaigns is currently not possible in CiviCRM, but these tools are essential to a strategic fundraising approach.

I am Niko Bochan, a undergraduate student from University of Bonn, Germany. As part of my Google Summer of Code 2015 project I am working on improving CiviCampaign. My mentor is Björn Endres from SYSTOPIA, which is also – conveniently – based in Bonn.

Key Deliverables

At the end of this project I want to deliver a CiviCRM extension that includes the following features:

  • Managing and visualizing hierarchical campaign structures

  • Calculate and visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for campaigns and campaign trees

  • ...

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24 June, 2015
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Hi! I am Utkarsh Sharma, a third year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. I am working on the project Email Preview Cluster for CiviCRM and this blogpost talks about the same. I’m being mentored by Tim Otten for this project.

The forum thread I started for this project can be found on

And here you can find the Wiki page Tim created for Email Preview Cluster

Aim of the Project:

All webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live, etc. have their own way of rendering the HTML Emails. Our aim is to provide a service that will give the...

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18 June, 2015
By emilyf
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Each month from June - August we will be featuring blog posts from this year's Google Summer of Code students. This will help keep all of you up-to-date on these great projects and also give you an opportunity to follow along and get more involved in ones that you connect with. Click the links below to check in on July's featured projects:

We urge you to read through each of these and comment directly on the blog to provide feedback to the student or to locate their GSoC thread in the CiviCRM forum.

Strategic Fundraising and Campaigning

Email Preview Cluster

We urge you to read through each of these and comment directly on the blog to...

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02 June, 2015

I am Tahir Ramzan, pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Virtual University of Pakistan. I am working on refunds, partial refunds and partial payments development for CiviCRM. Parvez Saleh and Joe Murray are mentoring this project.

Refunds and Partial Refunds:

Often, we need to tackle situation where one needs to make partial or full refunds. After this project users will be able to make refunds with friendly user interface and proper database records.


  • How to represent an administrative fee for refund? Who will pay this, buyer or seller?
  • How to link the refund with the original contribution?
  • Which method to use for processing refunds?  Check, payment processor or both.

Partial Payments:

Partial payments on the other hand need to be done when someone pays a part of payment contribution in installments. This will be very useful for CiviCRM users for...

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20 May, 2015
By Achia
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I am Aka Rolence Achia, a sophomore undergraduate student enrolled for a degree of Bachelor in Computer Engineering at the university of Buea. I have been a member in CiviCRM for about 2 months now and will be participating in GSoC 2015 as a student developer working on the project Social Media Interation with CiviCRM.

This project involves integrating data from social media with contact information on CiviCRM to increase the effectiveness of the way an organization manages its constituent relationships. Since CiviCRM aims at sustaining relationships with supporters over time, the social media integration project will help the organization to use CiviCRM to sustain supporter’s relationships. I will be concentrating on adding social media account information to contact records, finding ways of showing level of engagement for individual contacts and I also plan to investigate generating automatic tweets/posts based on contact activity.

 Requirements and scope

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19 May, 2015
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Hi, I'm Anudit Verma, a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at University School of Information and Communication Technology, in New Delhi, India. I will be working on the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) API implementation into CiviCRM project as a 2015 Google Summer of Code student.

OSDI is a way for progressive US-based organizations which do community, labor and political organizing, use CiviCRM and are customers of various progressive data vendors to “sync up all their stuff” about contacts and their various activities.

For example, an organization might use NGP VAN to get access to information about its supporters who are voters. It might use ShareProgress to ask supporters to take action on an issue using social media links, based on a “blast” e-mail sent by that organization to supporters using...

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18 May, 2015
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CiviCRM allow organizations to interact with constituents through emails, phone, SMS etc with the intentions to make this interaction easier, smoother and transparent. Social media is one other way to reach out and interact with people, and currently CiviCRM is not using social media to its full potential.The project aims to introduce social media especially Facebook and Google Plus, as a part of CiviCRM to make it easier for end users to interact with their organizations’ civiCRM and at the same time help the organization to reach a wider set of audience.

I am Siddharth Gupta, a fourth year Computer Science undergraduate student from IIIT Delhi, a Google Summer of Code student for the year 2015. Last year, I worked on Civisualize - A ready to use data visualization framework. I will be working on Social Media Integration and will be mentored by Chris Burgess and Beckett Vester...

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