Data Processor: GSoC First Phase Completion

2019-06-27 12:28
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Time flew by really quick: after community bonding period and first period of coding, the first phase of GSoC is over. To wrap up the first phase, I decided to write a blog post summarizing the work done by me in this period of one month.


Starting with the enhancement done on the Data Processor Extension. Following are the things done in GSoC Phase 1

  • Adding more Data Sources to the Extension extending the functionability.
  • Making data processor more user friendly by adding a exectue button along side the output.
  • Devloping test cases for the extension to prevent breakdown of the extension in future
  • Currently working on the developer documentation for future developments.
  • Fixed navigation issues.

Plans for the Phase2:

  • Improve the Import Export Data Processor Configuration. (Import from a JSON file and Exporting to a JSON file)
  • Displaying the Data Processor output on Dashboard.
  • Implementing Not Include in Criteria building ( List of Contacts in Group X but who have no activity of type Y during the last Z days )
  • Documentation and Testing.

People are requested to use the extension and report the issue so they can be fixed.

Link to Extension:

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