GSoC Project: Data Processor Extension

2019-06-09 17:20
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GSoC is not something which can be hidden from a developer who is passionate about programming so I have heard a lot about GSoC through social media posts, and also from my colleagues and seniors from my college. From first year of my college I have been lot involved in Open Source.

Data Processor

I am currently working on Data Processor Extension as my GSoC project. Extension was originally created by Jaap who is also my GSoC mentor.
Data Processor allows users to create customs searches on multiple data sources (ex. Contacts, Activity etc.) and create multiple conditions, and more complex conditions in a user friendly manner. My current work is to extend the features of the Data Processor to make it more user friendly and to add more functionalities to the Data Processor. Github link to Extension : Click Here Features of Data Processor:
  • Custom Search
  • Saving Search Configuration (Import and Export)
  • .....
Features to be added as part of GSoC Project:
  • Data Sources and Output Types
  • Saving Search Configuration (Import and Export)
  • .....

Community Bonding Period

The starting phase of GSoC was the Community Bonding Period, knowing the mentors, getting familiar with codebase and clearing the objectives of the project. I want to thanks Jaap and Luke for helping me and guiding me in the period. Also thanks to the other civicrm members who welcome and help the newcomers on setuping the CiviCRM on local environment. Many issues come, but a common chat platform always helped the newcomers to get more involved in the community, for that I want to thanks to CiviCRM Community.
This is my first blog post , I am not well versed in writing blog so thanks for providing a platform where I can explore this area also.
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This looks really exciting, thanks for your work on this!

Some clarification would be helpful about how this project differs from Drupal Views - there seems to be a big overlap as well as some distinct differences.

Sounds good!

@artfulrobot the main difference is that you can use the data processor with a CiviCRM installation that is not on the same server as the public website, which we face more and more as a requirement.

Great to hear you are making progress & getting the most out of the GSOC programme