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11 December, 2018
Filed under Sustainability

Last month I attended Sustain Summit 2018: an inspiring 'one-day event for open source sustainers' organised by Open Collective. It was great to spend a day with people who are working hard to tackle the sustainability problem. Some focused on their own projects, others looking more broadly across the open source ecosystem. The sustainability conversation has moved on significantly since the last time I looked, in about 2013, and there are lots of new ideas and projects with the potential to impact how we work.

In this post, I want to try and do two things: give a comprehensive...

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07 December, 2018
Filed under Training

Take your event management to the next level with this Cividesk on-line training session designed for current users of CiviCRM on Tuesday, December 11th  at 10 am MT/ 11 am CT/ 12 pm ET. This course is an excellent follow-up to the Fundamentals of Event Management class taught by Cividesk.

We use several concrete event examples to discuss some of the more complex features in CiviCRM for customizing your event registration. We'll go in depth with price sets, profiles and different registration options so you will leave the class feeling confident...

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06 December, 2018
Filed under Extensions

It's a nice day to... LEEEEExIIIIIIIM!

Billy Idol gets it, now you can too. The CiviCRM menubar is getting a major revamp, LExIM style* - the new menubar extension is now ready for beta testing, and once that's complete, it will be ported into the next release of CiviCRM. But why wait, you can get all the new goodies right now by installing the beta extension (requires CiviCRM v5.8+). It gives...

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06 December, 2018
Filed under v5.0, Release
CiviCRM version 5.8.0 is now ready to download. 


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.8.0 can be accessed here.


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04 December, 2018
Filed under API, Extensions

I have just published the CiviCRM native extension Contact Specific API Defaults which allows you to specify specific defaults for API fields for a contact.

The extension was funded by Mediwe and developed by CiviCooP based on this use case:

  • Mediwe has lots of customers sending them data with the API. This data eventually results in cases and activities being created with lots of custom data. For some customers these custom fields need specific defaults, no matter what the API data is! So even if the...
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03 December, 2018
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Cividesk is offering the Fundamentals of Membership Management training session for new users on Wednesday, December 5th starting at 11 am PT/ 12 pm MT/ 2 pm ET.  This training class will help you get started using the membership module by learning how configure membership types, create an online membership sign-up page, track current and expired members, create a membership report and much more.  


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02 December, 2018
By josh

CiviCRM Users by Version

CiviCRM Versions
CiviCRM version 5.8 will ship soon and, as we indicated previously, version 5.7 will continue on as 'Extended Security Release (ESR)'. What does this mean for anyone not using the latest stable version of CiviCRM (i.e. the monthly upgrades)? For users on CiviCRM 4.6 and 4.7, it means that... Read more
27 November, 2018
Filed under Training

Learn the basics of customizing CiviEvent for your organization, the steps to create an online event, and how to manage and track event participants during this 2-hour online training session taught by Cividesk

The Fundamentals of Event Management is designed for new CiviCRM users and will provide the tools you need to feel comfortable using the events module. This live training session will be held on Friday, November 30th at 9 am MT/ 10 am CT/ 11 am...

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19 November, 2018
Filed under WordPress

In the past few weeks we have been looking at how a more uniform user experience could be provided between CiviCRM and WordPress dashboards. We looked at potentially leveraging Shoreditch, but quickly realized that it's dependent on a Drupal theme and the readme clearly stated that is was only for Drupal. So we stepped back and looked at how we could do this with CSS changes that apply to the admin only, since this is not affected by the theme at all.

This development was done with Christian Wach through the...

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15 November, 2018
By josh
Filed under Make it happen

We came down to the wire with CiviTutorial, having less than a day to go before the Make It Happen campaign funding its development was set to expire. In the end, we had 24 awesome donors pitch in to fund the extension and make CiviTutorial a reality.

The Core Team is very happy to see this effort funded. Work began on CiviTutorial at the Governance Summit in September. As the group discussed improving the adoption and useability of CiviCRM, Coleman not only...

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