Chat infrastructure for CiviCRM

In September last year, the core team started using Slack (a proprietary chat platform) to improve our internal communication and co-ordination. It worked really nicely for us and  coordination and we wanted to role it out more widely, but there were a couple of limitations: the free version of slack has limited history (you can only search and browse the most recent 10k messages) and the full version costs $8 per user per month, which isn't going to work financially for us.

Submit sessions for the CiviCRM User Summit

[logo] CiviCRM User Summit - September 22-23, 2016 - Washington, DC This year seems to have flown by, and it's time to solicit CiviCRM User Summit sessions. If you use CiviCRM at your organization and have a story to tell—how you use a feature, what interesting customization you have, or how you'd like to see CiviCRM improve—you should submit a session. All accepted session leaders from nonprofits attend the conference for free.

The CiviCRM User Summit is in Washington, DC, September 22 and 23. Learn more and register today! (We'll certainly refund you if you submit a selected session.)

CiviCon Colorado 2016 is One Month Away!

There is still time to register for the 2016 CiviCon! Visit for a complete list of sessions, the schedule, and FAQ's about the event.

All events will take place on the Colorado State University campus in Ft. Collins, CO. Just over an hour shuttle ride from the Denver Airport and with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, Ft. Collins is an active, pedestrian-friendly city that has become one of the top craft brewing meccas in country.

Announcing CiviCRM 4.6.16 and 4.7.7 Security Release

The latest release of CiviCRM 4.6 and 4.7 includes security fixes. We recommend upgrading to 4.7.7 or 4.6.16 to ensure the security of your site and data. The latest releases include 2 moderately critical fixes. A number of other non-security issues have also been fixed in the latest releases.

CiviCRM is so much more than software

Around nine years ago, my wife Virginie was Executive Director for the Rocky Mountain French American Chamber of Commerce, and struggling with Excel spreadsheets, paper memberships forms, and email-based event registration. She asked me to help her find a software to manage her nonprofit. Little did we know that this would have such a huge impact on both of our lives ...

Improving the Membership Process and Increasing Participation with CiviCRM

The Denver Ballet Guild supports and celebrates the beauty and power of dance by encouraging interest in ballet and other forms of dance. The organization is managed exclusively by volunteers, who promote dance at all levels and conduct annual fundraising activities to support the dance community. Cividesk works closely with the Denver Ballet Guild as a service provider of CiviCRM and spoke with board member Suzanne Goderstad about their experiences using the database.

Colorado sprint marketing agenda taking shape

CiviCon is back in ColoradoCiviCRM sprints are a tremendous opportunity to get involved with the community while supporting the project. But, they can be a bit off-putting for non-developers because there is often a perception that they’re geared towards writing code. There are always opportunities for non-developers to get involved with CiviCRM, and this year’s post-CiviCon Colorado sprint is no different.

Winning with CiviCRM: Building Skills & Developing Campaigns - Seattle, WA, May 10-12, 2016

Progressive Technology Project invites you and members of your staff and team to Join us in Seattle for a kick-ass CiviCRM/Powerbase training. During this three-day in-person session, you'll sharpen your skills and knowledge to effectively use CiviCRM/Powerbase--no matter your user level. We're offering three tracks on different days so users of all skill levels can attend whatever day(s) make sense for you.


Sessions Schedule for CiviCon Colorado!

The CiviCon Colorado session schedule is all set. There are exciting sessions scheduled on various topics in product tracks at the beginner & advanced level as well as a track dedicated to the CiviCRM community. There will also be a Lightning Talk session and a Consultant's Cafe where attendees can ask questions to experts about specific topics.

Here are a few sessions to look forward to: