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Using CiviCRM to Manage Multiple Chapters and Thousands of Volunteers

Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites is a membership organization that partners with the State of Georgia to protect, preserve, and enhance the state’s treasured places.  Back in 2007, after getting tired of keeping all of their data in spreadsheets and clunky Access databases, they recognized the need for a database to manage its donors and members. They chose CiviCRM because they had a limited budget, a volunteer willing to take the project on, and—most importantly—CiviCRM met all of their needs at the time.

CiviCRM - A User Friendly Solution

 An Interview with the Vietnamese Friendship Association.

The Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA) of Seattle is a non-profit organization that promotes equality in education, fosters civic engagement, and advocates for Vietnamese and other refugee and immigrant communities.  The organization focuses on supporting students and families, engaging leaders and working with diverse communities to support systems changes. Cividesk recently spoke with James Hong, Executive director and Kristina Ong, Fund Development Manager about how CiviCRM has helped them accomplish their mission.

Job descriptions for the core team

We thought it was about time that we published some job descriptions for the core team - to make it clearer what each of us works on, and is responsible for.  Up until now, you would have had to be pretty well aquainted with the core team to understand what everyone did, and even then you probably wouldn't know everything we got up to. This is an effort to better present our work to the community and we hope it will be useful to you. Helping you, for example, find the right person to contact with particular project ideas, etc.

MRG Foundation Brings Fundraising and Grantmaking Together with CiviCRM

See how donation, events and grant data can live happily under one CiviCRM roof.

McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation is the leading funder of Oregon's social justice movements, driven by an unwavering belief in the power of collective action to change the world. Robust management of our various constituencies is essential for meeting our goals.

McKenzie River Gathering

CiviCon London 2015 - 2 weeks to go

CiviCon London is packed with sessions to help you learn about CiviCRM, and is the best place to meet and network with other CiviCRM users and providers. The conference is designed for new and existing users and also for those considering using CiviCRM. You don't have to be a techie to attend.
Have a look at our full session line up for users:


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