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09 August, 2019
By josh
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In early July we announced that the contributor log as we know it would come to an end, replaced by time tracking in Gitlab (the official cutover day is August 15, by the way). And, shortly thereafter, we began a discussion within the Core Team about how we manage, track and value contributions to the project. We’ve also been discussing with various stakeholders how CiviCRM is funded, and invariably we end up reviewing both financial support and in-kind contributions.


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08 August, 2019
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CiviCRM version 5.16.0 is now out and ready to download.


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.16.0 can be accessed here.
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29 July, 2019
By totten

In the coming weeks, you can expect a series of changes going into the development pipeline to support the CiviCRM-Drupal 8 integration. Individually, these will seem unrelated and disjoint - they may not explicitly reference “D8”. I wanted to spend a moment to discuss the concept which ties them together: the clean install process, which will make Civi-D8 an equal member of the Civi CMS club and a good base for continued development and maintenance.

This work on D8 stabilization has been made possible by the generous funders of the...

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28 July, 2019
By MickC
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Come along to the Sydney CiviCRM Meetup, Thurs Aug 1st 2019 6PM!

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24 July, 2019
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Cividesk is offering our 2-hour online training for new users on Events on Thursday, August 8th at 10 am MT/12 pm ET. 

Register now for this informative, live training session that allows plenty of time for questions.  Learn how to create events in CiviCRM and manage online registration, track participants and communicate more effectively with them before and after the event.  

Contact Cividesk training manager Susan Engeman...

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23 July, 2019
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This is an open invitation for everyone in the Asia/Pacific region to join other Australians, New Zealanders etc. on-line to catch-up and discuss all things CiviCRM. If you are a CiviCRM user, developer or casual user with questions, then you are most welcome to join us.
The meeting is only 1 hour and has a set agenda (depending on number of...
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21 July, 2019
By MickC
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Come along to the second meetup of 2019, a workshop style session discussing challenges submitted by attendees in advance. 

This session will focus on 'Contacts' - we invite participants to 'lead' on a topic, and share your experiences with the group. 

Although it seems an obvious topic, there's a lot more to Contacts than meets they eye, and being the primary 'entity' in the CiviCRM database, a lot hangs on getting them right.

Suggested topics from the following items:

  • The Anatomy of a Contact
  • Contact pages - Summary and...
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20 July, 2019
By Stoob
Filed under Drupal 8, Drupal

For starters, over 200 Drupal 8 sites already run CiviCRM!  This post is based on my own research and conversations with those involved, and is intended to be informative and encouraging.  As you may know, CiviCRM works with no less than four CMS at the moment, including three versions of Drupal, two 'officially'.   Understandably with Drupal 7 end-of-support scheduled for Nov 2021, there has been recent discussion amongst those using or considering Drupal about which to use for your website.

  • ...
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18 July, 2019
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Join Cividesk instructor Susan Engeman for the Fundamentals of Membership Management on Tuesday, July 23rd at 2 pm PT/ 3 pm MT/ 5 pm ET (Wed. July 24th 7 am AEST) for a two hour interactive online training to get you started with CiviMember.

Register now as there are only several spots left for this popular training session!


17 July, 2019

Hosting events is a complex process, which requires a structured approach to sticking to the schedule and managing participants. Now it is getting easier to organize the entire workflow from registration to check-in with the new version of CiviMobile app. Whether it is the indoor or outdoor event, the mobile app will...

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