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March 17, 2021
By dev-team Filed under Extended Security Release, Release, Security Releases

Important Notice: This is a security release. We recommend you immediately upgrade to one of the following versions:

CiviCRM 5.35.1 (download)CiviCRM 5.33.3 ESR (signup)

Below are the security advisories details:

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March 16, 2021
By agileware_justinfreemanFiled under
Come along to the virtual CiviCRM user group meet-up on 25th March 2021

This is an open invitation for everyone using CiviCRM to meet on-line, catch-up and discuss all things CiviCRM.

Maybe you have a question or something awesome to show, come along! Curious about CiviCRM, you're more than welcome to come too and find out more.

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March 10, 2021
By genadellettFiled under

Ready to take your Drupal 8 (or Drupal 9!) website to the next level with CiviCRM? Join Skvare's upcoming training series to learn how to leverage the Drupal CiviCRM Entity module.

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March 10, 2021
By josh Filed under Joomla, WordPress

The first release of the Yootheme CiviCRM Bridge enabled users to display contacts on their WordPress or Joomla website, but di

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March 8, 2021
By FarhadKhanFiled under

Are you feeling stuck with trying to grow your association? Are you ready for a strategic investment to help grow your membership? Transitioning to digital content is a great investment for your association. Digital content may refer to your websites, member portal, social media channels and digital ads.

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March 4, 2021
By dev-teamFiled under

CiviCRM version 5.35.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release.

Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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March 1, 2021
By BettyDolfingFiled under

Just a brief note to let you know that we will host CiviCooP's Coffee Corner coming Thursday,

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February 23, 2021
By BettyDolfing Filed under Meetups

For the first time in 2021 we are organizing a Virtual Meet Up in English. We hereby like to invite all CiviCRM users and people who are interested in CiviCRM, to our Webinar on 1 March.


For new users: * An introduction to CiviCRM with Demo* What does an implementation involve? * Current users share their experiences

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February 7, 2021
By alainbFiled under

We have some new CiviCRM videos you might want to check out.

A funky introduction to CiviCRM

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February 4, 2021
By DaveD Filed under Tools

Thanks to some work by MGlaman and KarinG and others, some integration with the Mink/Behat front-end testing framework is now available for you to use to write automated tests. Does it replace regular phpunit? No, you should still write regular tests too. But let's take a look at what it can add.

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