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29 septembre 2023
par FarhadKhansujet

Every association whether big or small can do with a little sponsorship. Sponsorship is one of the fuels that keeps the engine running for associations. You can fund your events, projects, and initiatives that benefit your members and communities.

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18 septembre 2023
par Detlev sujet CiviCamp, Community, Internationalization and Localization, Meetups
120 users and interested people from about 70 organisations gathered on Monday, September 11, 2023 in Leipzig for the CiviCamp organised by Software für Engagierte e.V..
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18 septembre 2023
par Detlev sujet Form Builder, Community, Internationalization and Localization, Meetups, Sprints
For 33 of the participants at the CiviCamp in Leipzig, it went straight on: for two more days, they worked on the further development of CiviCRM in a sprint in the small town of Zeitz near Leipzig in the "Alte Nudelfabrik". "Software für Engagierte" had proclaimed the topic of "fundraising" as its focus. And so this sprint not only involved developers and CiviCRM implementers - but with Civi admins, power users and experienced fundraisers, a broad spectrum of CiviCRM experience and expertise came together.
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15 septembre 2023
par wmortada sujet Case studies and user stories, Meetups

Earlier this week Tina and Patrick from Embracing Age gave a detailed and insightful talk about their journey to adopt CiviCRM at CiviUsers UK. They've come a long way in a short period of time. It's impressive to see how much they've achieved on a limited budget and without a dedicated IT department.

They shared how they have successfully integrated CiviCRM into their daily operations, including:

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6 septembre 2023
par dev-team sujet Extended Security Release, Annonces de nouvelles versions, Security Releases

There has been a security release for CiviCRM. Upgrades are available for:

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1 septembre 2023
par wmortada sujet CiviCamp, Community, Sprints, Training

Join us in November/December for the biggest CiviCRM event of the year. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about CiviCRM and get involved in the community.

CiviCRM Manchester takes place over a ten-day period from 29 November to 8 December. There is lots happening - whether you are new to CiviCRM or have been using it for years, there will be something for you. This is an event that you can't afford to miss so book your place now!

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31 août 2023
par FarhadKhansujet

From the moment a prospect first learns about your association until they evolve into a loyal member, a journey unfolds that is filled with interactions, engagement, and growth.

We've harnessed the magic of CiviCRM as an effective tool in our member lounge portal to manage interactions, engage members, and foster meaningful relationships.

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29 août 2023
par Dominiquesujet
CiviCRM Meet Up - The Create Centre, Thursday 7th September 2023, 1:30 - 4.00pm.

This free event is a great opportunity to meet other CiviCRM users, share best practice and learn from each other.

Some highlights:

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22 août 2023
par SYSTOPIA sujet Community, Sustainability
This article is based on Michael McAndrew's lighting talk at CiviCamp London. Let's start the conversation on how CiviCRM can become more environmentally sustainable.
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8 août 2023
par DaveDsujet

This may be of more importance to anyone who ran some queries to delete old CiviCase revisions, but can affect anyone who uses the Schedule Followup section at the bottom of the activity form regularly, either on case activities or non-case activities.

Some activities you didn't mean to delete may have been deleted as well. For more information see

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