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22 avril 2021
par Eileen sujet SearchKit

The duper extension provides a bunch of tools to help with deduping. In this blog I’m going to describe a way that I am now using search kit in the deduper to help make one of those tools more useful.

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21 avril 2021
par dev-team sujet Extended Security Release, Release, Security Releases

Important Notice: This is a security release. We recommend you immediately upgrade to one of the following versions:

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18 avril 2021
par ErikHommel sujet Documentation

Last week a number of community members worked on a digital sprint to improve the Developer Guide. The sprint was organised by CiviCooP (

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14 avril 2021
par genadellett sujet Drupal 8, Drupal, Training

Watch part 2 of Skvare's training series on the CiviCRM Entity Drupal module.

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14 avril 2021
par MikeyMJCO sujet Community

The CiviCRM Community Council (CCC) is elected by the CiviCRM community and charged with coalescing the ideas, opinions and values of the community, stewarding our intra-community relations and protecting our community as a safe space to collaborate on our overall aim of providing a world-class open-source CRM aimed at doing global good.

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10 avril 2021
par Andreassujet

Did you ever dream of a simple and flexible way to get data from CiviCRM shown on a nice interactive map on your WordPress site? Or you need to do this on a remote website different from where your CiviCRM is installed? Or you prefer a map like this that is not using Google Maps? Then you will love the new Leaflet Map / CiviCRM integration plugin by Jaap Jansma.

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9 avril 2021
par FarhadKhansujet

Member Portals vs Websites: A Tale of Two Entities

The Benefit of Keeping your Member Portal and Website Separate

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8 avril 2021
par dev-team sujet Release

CiviCRM version 5.36.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release.

Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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7 avril 2021
par jaapjansmasujet

Today we had our video con about caldera forms. (See announcement) and this blog is a summary of our conversation.

Thanks everybody who joined. I liked the fact that we had various ideas and opinions on how to proceed. This shows for me how diverse our community is and I do love that!

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2 avril 2021
par Betty Dolfing sujet Meetups

On April 12th we have planned a CiviCRM Webinar for current users and interested parties. The rest of this blog is in Dutch, since the meetup / webinar is aimed at organisations in Belgium/Flanders and The Netherlands. For English speaking users: we will plan another webinar in May.

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