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05 October, 2017
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CiviCRM v. 4.7.25 and 4.6.32 are now released and ready for download!


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 4.7.25 can be accessed  here.


Complete list of 4.7 contributors (it's a huge team!) can be found...
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03 October, 2017
By petednz
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Countdown to CiviCon Canberra, the first CiviCon in the southern hemisphere, is ticking along nicely. Less that 20 sleeps to go.

Very excited to get the sessions nailed down. You can view the list of topics and speakers here.

Keynote speaker will be Caroline Le Couteur, MLA, ACT Greens Member for Murrumbidgee (which means she is an MP for those who don't speak 'strine').

In addition, with a couple of presenters freshly returned from CiviCon UK, I expect we will be hearing all the latest news from...

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29 September, 2017
By KarinG
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Greetings from Montréal!

We have officially released CDN Tax Receipts extension 1.4.0 for 4.6 / 4.7 :

Current Features:

  • single, aggregate and annual receipting
  • one-off and bulk receipting
  • email and print methods
  • default layout (logo, watermark, authorized signature) and press-ready PDF template options - detailed reporting (receipts issued; contributions eligible but receipts not yet issued)
  • ...
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29 September, 2017
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We are very excited for this year’s CiviCon UK which promises to be bigger and better than ever!

The full timetable is now available to view here.



We're excited to be hosting this year’s party at a very cool bar pub in Camden called Miusan. We will be heading there from 5:00pm and the bar is about a 5 min walk from the...

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29 September, 2017
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This was my first sprint; I came somewhat prepared from reading other ‘first sprint’ blogs in that I brought a laptop set up with Ubuntu and Buildkit. Beyond that technical hurdle I came with no ideas of what to expect, hoping that I could both learn and contribute.

The sprint was at a beautiful old house in the middle of a large farm in Maryland complete with cows, a fire pit, and cable Internet (albeit probably the thinnest cable any of us have experienced in awhile)!


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22 September, 2017
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When implementing the constituent relationship management solution for one of the biggest political organizations, we had to find a way to tailor the CiviCRM security model to the needs of a country-wide hierarchically structured organization.

Any multi-unit public organization with geographically distributed branches is set up with several levels of management, hierarchically structured units and roles. In our case there were four levels of hierarchy - the central office located in the capital, which manages the entire...

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22 September, 2017
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We are very excited for this year’s CiviCon UK which promises to be bigger and better than ever! We have:

  • Inspiring sessions lead by expert speakers 
  • Lightning talks and roundtable discussions
  • Raffles and prizes
  • Social and networking opportunities throughout the days, with a party on the Thursday night.
  • It’s not too late to register, book your place here

Civi party

We're excited to be hosting this year’s party at a trendy bar in Camden called Miusan - a venue devoted...

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21 September, 2017
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Ginkgo Street Labs is pleased to announce the availability of CiviVolunteer 2.2.2 for CiviCRM 4.7.21 and above. Site administrators maintaining an older version of CiviCRM should upgrade core before upgrading CiviVolunteer.

This release includes five bugfixes. The most substantial of these is VOL-310, which arose from changes introduced to CiviCRM core's Angular integration in version 4.7....

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15 September, 2017
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A big thank you to all our CiviCON UK Sponsors. Here's a special post from Gold Sponsor Yoti:

Doing things differently: Registrations in seconds, logins without passwords and minimising data.

Over the last 15 years I’ve probably been responsible for around 50 or so websites or microsites that in some way or another have tried to gather people’s data.  Either to enter into an event, join a forum or buy something.  And like most other marketeers I’ve been obsessed by two things.  Funnels and Data. i.e how easily are people signing up and how much do I now know about my...

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13 September, 2017

Are you a system administrator who installs, configures, upgrades, or integrates CiviCRM?

Have you noticed how awesome the new User Guide and Developer Guide are, but felt sad that the system administrator docs have been left out of the party, languishing in the wiki?

Your time has come! A System Administrator Guide will soon be on its way! ... hopefully...

I've just launched a...

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