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januari 30, 2023
By bradleytFiled under
When I first started writing CiviCRM extensions it quickly became clear that there were a lot of old parts to CiviCRM's core code which deserved some love. I know that CiviCRM only has a small development team, and so I started searching for quick-win code changes that I could contribute back to the CiviCRM codebase in order to improve the quality and developer experience for everyone. I want to share the PHPStan configuration that I have been using to identify poor-quality (and in some cases buggy) code within the CiviCRM core codebase.
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januari 27, 2023
By artfulrobotFiled under

Newsletters and other mailings are an important way to keep in touch with your supporters and mailing statistics like click and open rates can help you learn what your supporters respond best to. CiviCRM provides these features, similarly to many/all other email marketing solutions. But what do those numbers actually mean?

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januari 8, 2023
By DaveD Filed under CiviMail

Is it "Oh-Oth"? "Owth"? "Worcestershire"?

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januari 5, 2023
By alainbFiled under

We will be promoting CiviCRM at FOSDEM on 4 and 5 February 2023.

FOSDEM is a non-commercial event centered on free and open-source software development. With over 8000 attendees, it is one of the biggest open source conferences.

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januari 4, 2023
By dev-team Filed under Extended Security Release, Release announcements, Security Releases

There has been a security release for CiviCRM. Upgrades are available for:

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januari 4, 2023
By bgm Filed under Extensions

Now that PHP 7.4 is "end of life", system administrators are strongly encouraged to adopt PHP 8.0. CiviCRM has supported PHP 8.0 for some time now, but adoption so far has been slow. Here are the stats as of today:

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januari 2, 2023
By AllenShaw Filed under Extensions, Finance and Accounting

Several of J­oinery's clients recently started seeing a dramatic increase in fraudulent card-testing behavior on CiviCRM sites using the Stripe payment processor. We've resolved this problem for them with some great new features in the CiviCRM extension ecosystem, thanks to the contributions from open-source developers and CiviCRM partners.

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december 20, 2022
By wmortada Filed under SearchKit, CiviReport, Meetups

At our meetup last week, Oliver Gibson spoke about the work Northbridge Digital has been doing to recreate the standard CiviCRM reports using SearchKit.

These reports are available as an extension which is still in development. The aim is to provide a bank of example reports that users can use and adapt. These will be a useful starting point for users to create their own reports.

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december 9, 2022
By dev-team Filed under Release announcements

CiviCRM version 5.56.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release. Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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december 2, 2022
By EileenFiled under

A while back I did a lot of cleanup and bug fixing on the Core Import code. This clean-up facilitated some extra features to be added in a core extension - ‘civi-import’ which is in 5.55. In addition Greenpeace Germany sponsored improvements to CiviCRM to support background queuing and in 5.57 ‘civi-import’ can leverage that. I’m going to describe some of the enhancements in civi-import in this blog based on the 5.57 code base (not all are in 5.55). 

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