Partner Offered Demo Sites

Ready to take CiviCRM for a test ride? Choose from the demos provided below to get a feel for what CiviCRM can do for your organization. Note that these expert provided demos my highlight a specific version of CiviCRM, a specific CMS, or may include workflows (for specific sectors, for example) and/or extensions consistent with your organization’s needs. These demos are provided by CiviCRM Partner organizations.
Provided by CiviHosting

Click the above link to see a demo (in English) of the latest version of CiviCRM running on Drupal 7, provided by CiviHosting, the web's premiere CiviCRM host. You can preview here the most widely used functionality of CiviCRM.

Want a different demo? Just contact us and ask and we will help.

Provided by SYSTOPIA

This demo site localized in German. To request a demo account, please fill in this form:

Diese Demo-Installation ist für deutschsprachige BenutzerInnen lokalisiert. Hier können Sie einen Zugang beantragen:

Additional Demos & Testing Sandboxes

The Core Team maintains stock, out of the box demos of the latest version of CiviCRM for each of the three content management systems with which the software integrates. These are also used to test for specific bugs found by the community (learn about reporting a bug). Note that other people are likely exploring on the demo sites at the same time as you, so they may be configured strangely, missing functionality or appear in different languages. To prevent things getting too 'strange' we reset all demo data once every day. We advise against entering personal data on these sites.

To keep everyone safe, these demos have some limitations: you can't send emails from them; you can't set permissions for Drupal users, and you can't fully explore online payment options.

Development sandboxes

If you are interested looking at the very latest, unreleased functionality that we are currently working on, you can have a look at our development sandboxes. The functionality you see on these sandboxes normally finds its way into the next version of CiviCRM.  They are particularly useful if you an interested in getting a sneak peak at new features or want to help test or document an upcoming release.