CiviCRM lets you manage your Membership program and integrate it with other features. Individuals can sign up and pay for their membership online, receive automatic membership renewal reminders, and receive member-only emails.
  • Configure membership levels
  • Create online sign up forms
  • Enable online payment
  • Set up scheduled renewal reminders
  • Import and export membership information
  • Create online membership directory accessible to members
  • Communicate with members
  • Create member-only email lists
  • Send out member-only emails
  • Search for specific member types and create dynamic smart groups and email lists
  • Create a monthly new member and renewing member report
  • Create a report to see member participation in member-only events

“We have quite a complicated membership program with different levels of membership for organizations and individuals. CiviCRM makes it easy for us to create different levels of memberships. We can see when memberships are expiring and set up automated scheduled reminders for people to renew online. We can also send out segmented emails to specific types of members. We also love how CiviCRM gives us a 360 degree view of how members are engaging with us.”


Top features

Create Membership Program

Configure membership levels, automatic status rules (including grace periods) & online sign up and payment forms

Communicate with Members

Email specific member lists and send automated renewal reminders

Run Membership Reports

Create new and renewing member reports, and view how members are interacting with your organization

Partners and contributors

CiviCRM expert partners include….