Read more about CiviCRM in the attached Intro PDF and pass this on to anyone you think may be interested in CiviCRM.

There is also a PowerPoint with similar material which you are welcome to take and adapt for your own presentations. Finally, if you're going to be promoting CiviCRM anywhere like a non-profit technology conference, feel free to download the graphics for our roller banner and get one of these printed. If you want to start producing your own materials: the new strap line is: Growing and sustaining relationships You may also like to use the following text: "CiviCRM helps organizations grow and sustain strong relationships over time. This open source, Web-based platform helps organizations realize their missions through fundraising, events management, mass e-mail marketing, peer-to-peer campaigns and more via one unified solution. CiviCRM’s community is committed to the public good and has created a reliable network of international resources for hosting, developing and supporting this effective solution." The attached documents are a mixture of ready to go files for print and digital distribution and the original files for adapting these. Please feel free to grab them and translate as you need.

If you're interested in producing more materials or would like to participate in discussions about this, and marketing generally, please make your way to the marketing group or Mattermost channel

If you have worked on any of these materials previously and would like to update them, the new vector graphic logo is available in the zip file and also as an .svg file.

The main logo and heading font is Oswald, which can be downloaded freely.

If you're looking for a large CiviCRM 'banner' for a conference / trade show, check out the banner created for CiviCon SF 2012 and NTEN 2012 (too big to upload here), or see the list of attachments below for several options.

Hans Idink at Orgis created a vertical banner for the CRMIn1Day conference (September 2013). The PDF version is attached to this page. Click here for an Illustrator version which you can modify.


Marketing Team

Present CiviCRM as the default CRM of choice for non-profits and to grow CiviCRM’s user base.

Marketing Team working groups: