Configurable & Customizable

Many organizations will find they don't need a programmer to configure their CiviCRM system to meet their needs. It's amazing how much can be done using only the standard user interface to set their options, adjust their dropdown fields, and turn features on and off. If you do need custom programming, CiviCRM's open source license will allow you the freedom to find the right programmer to tailor your installation specifically to your needs.
  • Enable core components like CiviMail, CiviEvent & CiviCampaign
  • Configure any option list (location types, activity types, event types, etc.)
  • Create your own forms via drag-n-drop
  • Add custom fields to nearly anything

"We were amazed at how quickly we were able to enable just the features we needed. With a few clicks, we simplified our interface and streamlined the Civi user experience for our staff."


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