About Us

Founded in 1977 as Compucorp, with a heritage spanning over 40 years, Compuco exists to empower socially responsible organisations with the digital tools they need to build a better world.

We are a boutique team of over 50 technology professionals who are passionate about the clients we work with and the platforms we create. We do most of our work on the open source platforms Drupal and CiviCRM but we also like to work with some other frameworks too.

We are proud to be one of the leading CiviCRM experts worldwide and have worked with organisations of all scales to help them leverage this amazing solution.

As CiviCRM Gold partners and founding contributors, as well as Drupal Association members, we seek to drive the platforms forward by both developing functionality ourselves and sponsoring new functionality to be developed by other members of the community.

We deliver hand-crafted digital platforms which change the way you work; for good.

Our CiviCRM Services

We can help you with new and existing Civi installations, configuration, custom extension development, hosting, training and technical support.