iXiam Global Solutions

About Us

We are an international digital consulting agency that works with nonprofit organizations pursuing a social good. You have a mission. We'll help you get there faster. At our core, we are committed to solving your needs using open source technology.

We’ve seen almost everything thrown our way in a wide variety of projects and sectors. We firmly believe in understanding each client’s needs to help further their mission. Whether it is increasing staff / volunteer efficiency, fundraising strategies, enhancing your web presence or making data more usable again, we work with each client to solve their unique challenges. In the end, iXiam is a committed partner with each organization we work with.

Since 2007 we’ve collaborated with NGOs, Medical Associations, Universities, Federations and UN departments. We are based in Spain and the United States with over 350 implementations in 47 countries with languages including Spanish, English, French and Greek. We approach each project with an open-mindset, ready to listen and eager to share our expertise with you.

Our CiviCRM Services

We offer a full range of services including implementation of CiviCRM, data migration, Drupal and WordPress integration, custom development and application development thru the CiviCRM API. iXiam is also responsible for the CiviCRM SaaS hosting solution thru Civi-Go. We actively support the software, developing extensions and engaging in the open source community.

We apply these services with CiviCRM in the back-end to create comprehensive CRM solutions. These systems take many forms including vibrant virtual event websites, learning management systems, volunteer management systems, landing pages, crowdfunding platforms, member portals and more.