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Veuillez noter que ces démos pourraient mettre en valeur certaines fonctionnalités plutôt que d'autres, et il se peut qu'elles soient sur un CMS ou un autre. Ces démos sont offertes par nos Experts CiviCRM.

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CiviCRM Spark permet d'obtenir en quelques minutes votre propre instance de CiviCRM uniquement pour vous. CiviCRM Spark a pour objectif de vous aider à rapidement évaluer et démarrer avec CiviCRM. Nos forfaits sont limités à 5 000 contacts, et permet d'utiliser la majorité des fonctions de CiviCRM, à quelques petites exceptions près. Par exemple, il n'est pas possible d'installer d'autres extensions autres que celles actives par défaut. Nous gérons l'hébergement et les mises à jours, ce qui vous permet de vous concentrer sur la mission de votre organisation.

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Serbian demoDrupal 7

Demo sajt je u potpunosti preveden na Srpski jezik. Svako može da pristupi koristeći demo nalog na . Više informacija je dostupno na Provided by Catalyst Balkans. 

Offert par Catalyst Balkans

Catalyst Balkans

This Demo site allows you to explore the basic functionality of CiviCRM with custom User Interface and some extra functionality such as graphical Calendar, custom permission access for a multi-level organization, KPI management, document management, and group registration to an event.

In addition, you may use this demo server to try CiviMobile - a native mobile application for CiviCRM.

Offert par Agiliway


We provide turn-key CiviCRM hosting (no installation costs, regular CiviCRM upgrades, backups, secure https, 24/7 monitoring, no lock-in) with Drupal7, Drupal8 and WordPress, in French, English or bilingual configurations. The demo site is bilingual. click here to view the demo in English.

Nous offrons de l'hébergement CiviCRM clé-en-main (aucun frais d'installation, mises à jours CiviCRM régulières, sauvegardes, sécurité https, veille 24/7, export facile) avec Drupal7, Drupal8 et WordPress, avec une installation en français, anglais ou bilingue.

Offert par Coop Symbiotic

Coop Symbiotic

This demo showcases some of the deep integrations between CiviCRM and WordPress that are available at Greenleaf ONE, a unified fundraising and communications platform. No registration required to access the demo data. You're gonna love what you can do with Greenleaf ONE!

Offert par Greenleaf Advancement

Greenleaf ONE

Esta es una demo de CiviCRM en español desarrollada por iXiam y alojada en el servicio SaaS Civi-Go. Esta demo incluye una nueva interfaz de usuario y módulos interesantes como Report Plus, Mosaico o Synopsis.

This is a demo of CiviCRM in Spanish developed by iXiam and hosted in SaaS service Civi-Go. This demo includes a new Theme and some interesting modules like Report Plus, Mosaico or Synopsis.

Offert par iXiam Global Solutions

iXiam Global Solutions

Це повнофункціональний Демо-сайт, який демонструє повну локалізацію CiviCRM українською мовою.

This is fully-functioning Demo-site which demonstrates the full localization of CiviCRM in Ukrainian.

Offert par Agiliway


Using Joomla and want to test drive CiviCRM? You've come to the right place! This is a basic set up of the latest stable version of CiviCRM and Joomla 4. It includes several extensions and a nice new theme for CiviCRM developed by Visualist.

Turn CiviCRM into a powerful member of your team!

Integrate CiviCRM with your member portal to help with easy data collection, time-saving automations and detailed reporting.

Book a quick demo with to learn how your association's can stay time, money and stay organized with CiviCRM and a well-build member portal:

  • Managing members, membership types, events, activities, donations, etc.
  • How to create powerful reports, saved reports and smart reports.
  • Understand the various ways to label and organize your data.
  • How CiviCRM "speaks" to your member portal to collect data.

Visit our site and book your demo.

Grype Digital is a proud partner of CiviCRM. Our company specializes in associations and membership growth. We are excited to share our professional insights with you on how CiviCRM can be integrated with a member portal built with Drupal 8 or Wordpress to be a powerful tool for associations.

Industry partner badges

Offert par Grype Digital

Grype Digital member portals for associations

This is a fully functional demo that allows you to see CiviCRM running on WordPress. You can play with Contacts, Groups, Events, Memberships -- just about everything that CiviCRM offers.

Offert par Tadpole


This is a fully interactive demo where you can login as different user types. 

GENERAL USER - This User can act as a general staff member including creating Memberships and Registering Individuals onto Events.

MARKETING USER - This User has more permissions and can create Events and bulk email Mailings (Newsletters).

ADMINISTRATION USER - This User has even more permissions and can access nearly all the CiviCRM Administrator screens
Anonymous Users can also register for Events, register for a sample Membership or make an offline Donation using the links in the menu. You should remember that you will not receive any email receipts.

Offert par Circle Interactive

Circle Interactive

This demo site localized in German. To request a demo account, please fill in this form:

Diese Demo-Installation ist für deutschsprachige BenutzerInnen lokalisiert. Hier können Sie einen Zugang beantragen:

Offert par SYSTOPIA Organisationsberatung

SYSTOPIA Organisationsberatung

Recent version of CiviCRM with the Shoreditch theme on WordPress. Minimal read-only demo.

To login: username is "demo" and password is "demo123".

Offert par Coop Symbiotic

Coop Symbiotic