About Us

iXiam is a global software development and technology company providing solutions to our customers worldwide. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with succesfull projects delivered around the globe, we provide to our global customers first class services and solutions: CiviCRM Projects, Webcasting Solutions, Software Development and Professional Services.

Our Services

Civi-Go is a Software as a Service platform designed for organizations that want to have a turnkey, reliable and high performance instance of CiviCRM. Civi-Go is incredibly Fast. Speed matters.

Civi-Go is built on the following technologies:

  • Drupal instances deployed and managed with Aegir
  • Solid State Disks (SSD) for the Database. SAS disks for files
  • Fast Redis Cache
  • Performance optimized MariaDB and Nginx

Our turnkey solution is already configured and connected to Sendgrid massive email platform allowing our customers to send emails blasts from the first moment. We monitor our customer's reputation and perform spam checks from the Sendgrid platform.

We run daily backups of database and files. All backups are rotated so last 14 days are available. We store backups in two different locations for contingency.

We have servers in Data Centers located in Europe and in the United States. The datacenters fulfill PCS DDSS and Safe Harbour standards.

We also offer email and phone support, training and customizations.

More information in: civi-go.net