Denison, United States


About Joinery

I'm Allen Shaw, founder and Managing Director here at Joinery, and I’m on a mission to help professional associatons love their CRM again and stop wasting effort on poorly planned projects.

I've been helping ambitious organizations meet their development goals with professional CRM solutions since 2001, first with custom-built solutions, and now – for over a decade – focusing on CiviCRM as a platform that's built from the ground up for community-driven organizations. I'm a regular contributor of improvements to CiviCRM, Drupal, and other opens-source tools, and the Group Lead for the CiviCRM Extensions Working Group, where we continually shepherd new developers who are eager to make their own contributions to the community.

Your organization depends on tangible results: funds raised, lives changed, problems solved. And your CRM is the centerpiece of your development tool-kit.

  • Are you struggling to get your membership renewals to work in line with your actual membership policies?
  • Losing time fighting with double-entry into multiple systems, instead of furthering your mission?
  • Wrestling with reports and searches that almost get you the right information at the right time, but not quite?
  • Constantly fielding complaints from constituents who aren’t able to update their information, complete a form, or receive your email notifications?

Wouldn’t it be nice to address these problems? Cut your data entry workload in half, or report to your board that you’ve increased membership renewals by a measurable amount?

I’ll help you to do all this — and more — by partnering with you to identify the most immediate issues and opportunities and the bottom-line impact they could have on your development goals.

CRM is not magic, and no software system is perfect. It won’t make up for a lack of clear and measurable goals. But it shouldn’t be getting in your way.

If you’ve got a development goal and a vision for how your CRM could help you get there, please reach out and let me help you make it happen. Your members, staff, and service recipients are counting on you.

Our CiviCRM Services

Data migrations from any CRM or data source; Custom integration with third-party APIs; Emergency fixes for poorly handled projects; Reporting and data visualization; Custom development on new or existing CiviCRM extensions and CiviCRM core.