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maig 1, 2014
By kreynen Filed under CiviCRM

Last week offically started the "community bounding" period of the 2014 Google Summer of Code Program.  This is the first year CiviCRM has been involved as a mentoring orgnaization.  It has been a fair amount of work to get from project ideas to funded projects.

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febrer 25, 2014
By kreynen Filed under CiviCon, CiviCRM, Make it happen
We did it! Now what?

Unfortunately we can't just sit back and wait for the student project proposals to roll in. If you look at the list of 190 organizations Google approved, we're competing w/ projects with a lot more name recognition...

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febrer 12, 2014
By kreynen Filed under Community, Make it happen

The developers who've already volunteered to help mentor students, organizations that agreed to give back by allowing their staff to co-mentor a project, and everyone who's already submitted project ideas deserve a HUGE THANKS!! We got the level of participation we needed to submit the official application to Google for CiviCRM to be mentoring organization...

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gener 27, 2014
By kreynen Filed under Community, Extensions, Interface and design, Internationalization and Localization, Make it happen

Did that get your attention?

Unfortunately it's not as simple as just coming up with ideas and waiting for a check from Google. As a community, CiviCRM has to apply to even be part of the program. We are still looking for both more project ideas and more mentors to include in CiviCRM's application to be a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2014.  

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