Global Community Summit 2020

2020-02-03 15:32
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9-16 October, 2020
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After the Community Summit we will try to have a Sprint. We will choose some areas to work on (based on participants' interests) and then split into teams.

  • Work on different areas
  • No need to be a developer to participate
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On October 4th, 2019, up to 40 community stakeholders will come together for the second year to shape and guide the CiviCRM project. Just as their efforts are vital to sustaining and improving CiviCRM for the thousands of organizations around the world that rely on it, so too is your sponsorship of the Community Summit. 
Following the summit, community stakeholders will get down to the nuts in bolts and volunteer their time during a 5 day sprint. Their efforts will address everything from code improvements, capacity building, marketing and more. You can support them, and most importantly, keep them fed in order that they stay alive and, well, productive!

In light of the global situation, the community has decided to move this year's summit online. More information will be available soon. To join the conversation about the online Summit 2020, please see here.

Global Community Summit

The Global Community Summit is an event for community stakeholders including Members, Partners, Contributors and users from organisations that use CiviCRM. This event is not only a place in which we can share, learn and contribute to CiviCRM, it is a forum for improving and directing the project as a whole. This event follows the spirit of 2018 and 2019 Community Summits, opening more subjects and areas of discussion around the Project.

It will be followed with a four/five day Sprint.

Key points:

  • Please create GitLab Wiki issues for session proposals, areas of work or any other inputs relating to the summit. We'll also be soliciting feedback in other ways and drawing on feedback from previous years!
  • The Summit starts on Saturday Oct 10th.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available.