Transforming Education: Empowering Institutions with Multi-Site Solutions

Are messy communication, tricky user management, and mixed-up data giving you difficulty in your school system? Come to our webinar to find out how to fix these problems and make managing your education institution easier.


We'll talk about building a platform, which works smoothly for all levels of learning, from kindergarten to university. Despite being part of one organization, each institution using our solution has its own website, customized user access, and event management. Join us and see how to boost the way you run your educational organization.

The webinar will be covered by: 

  • Bohdan Dmytryshyn, CTO and Co-Founder at Agiliway
  • Tetiana Oliiarchuk, Project Manager at Agiliway

Discover the power of tailored management features that allow you to personalize access levels, user management, and event organization to fit your institution's unique needs.
Attendance is free after registration!

Looking forward to meeting you! Don't forget to register!


mayo 23rd, 2024 9:00 AM