About us

Our mission at Skvare is Helping Others Help Others by providing strategy consultation, IT system development, website design, system hosting, and site maintenance for nonprofits, membership associations, and educational organizations. We are open-source software champions, committed to making the tools we and our clients use better. We embrace the competitive nature of system development by providing a refreshing experience. Our human-centric communication style and belief that all development must be done with change in mind have created long-term relationships and trust. Skvare may do technology, but what we care about is who our clients are and the positive impact they are making.

Our core services include:

  • Installing, implementing, customizing, and supporting CiviCRM
  • Third-party software integration, such as Salesforce, Cvent, and Nimble, with CiviCRM
  • Custom extension development for expanded CiviCRM functionality
  • Exception and established Drupal expertise
  • Custom Drupal development and API integration
  • Deep Drupal and CiviCRM integration, such as Drupal Commerce with CiviCRM, and CiviCRM Entity
  • Visual design and implementation
  • Business analysis and technology audits
  • Software hosting and maintenance
  • Ongoing support and strategy consultation
  • Outbound mail server for bulk communications and email marketing
  • Training support and documentation

Our CiviCRM Services

We are a highly-skilled, committed team, offering comprehensive services from system installation, configuration, design, data migration, external integrations, customizations, training, hosting, security maintenance, and performance optimization. 

Since 2008, we've worked with organizations of all sizes and have been open-source software champions since day one. Skvare's developers invest hundreds of non-billable hours annually in software contributions and generalizing the custom development we undertake for our clients in order to release those improvements to the public. Through this work, we raise the bar and encourage nonprofits, membership associations, and educational organizations to expect more from their software so they can focus on strengthening their relationships and impact.