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CiviCRM Spark is a hosting service provided by CiviCRM. It's a great way to discover what CiviCRM can do. It features a new, modern look-and-feel and a more powerful, drag-and-drop email system (Mosaico).

To ensure a simpler setup, some features in CiviCRM Spark have limitations:

  • Store up to 10,000 contacts
  • Send up to 50,000 emails per month
  • Payments are only supported with four processors: PayPal, Stripe, TSYS and iATS
  • The interface is available in many languages
  • A few other configurations are disabled by default, such as Households and some Location Types
  • It is not possible to enable other extensions than the ones provided by default.

CiviCRM Spark is renewed monthly. You can cancel any time.

Think you'll out-grow the limits? Don't worry! When you're ready for the next level, we'll help you download your data or migrate to any of our experienced partners.

If you experience any issues with the signup process, please contact us by email at


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Default language for your CiviCRM instance and where it will be hosted (only US and EU are currently available). Some languages may not be 100% complete and have strings in English. You can see the status of translations on Transifex. You can help improve translations by creating an account on Transifex. We update the Spark translations once per month. For any questions regarding translation, please join the translation channel on CiviCRM's chat platform.