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Marzec 5, 2013
By Anonim Filed under Meetups

Date/time: Wednesday 27th March 2013, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue: Manta Ray Media Ltd., Finsbury Business Centre, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R0NE


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luty 20, 2013
By Anonim Filed under Meetups

Date/time: Wednesday 27th February, 2013 6:00 PM  (till 8:30PM)

Location: Gamesys, 10 Piccadilly, 4th Floor Reception, London, W1J 0DD


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luty 15, 2013
By Anonim Filed under Marketing and Promotion

CHASE is an annual conference/exhibition for charities and associations...  ...organised in London and has been running for some years now.

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Styczeń 29, 2013
By Anonim Filed under Meetups

January 23, 2013 was CiviDay. A celebration of an OpenSource Software that had made an impact on non profits across 5 continents. And so it was fitting that the celebration was not limited to the US but was held across the globe.

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Listopad 15, 2012
By Anonim Filed under Meetups

The next London CiviCRM meetup on Wednesday 28th November.  We've run some really sucessful meetups over the last couple of years and we're looking forward to another great turn out.

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Sierpień 21, 2012
By Anonim Filed under CiviMobile

It's been quite a while since my last CiviMobile update but that's not to say that I haven't been busy :)

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Grudzień 16, 2011
By Anonim Filed under Case studies and user stories, CiviCRM

This case study was originally posted on  the CiviCRM Forums.


Kehilat Hadar is an independent prayer community on Manhattan's Upper West Side in New York City.  The organization has an annual budget of over $170,000, an email list subscription of over 3,000 and is almost entirely volunteer run.

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Grudzień 15, 2011
By Anonim Filed under CiviMobile, Sprints

Although the weather has not been that great during the sprint we have not let that get in the way of our CiviMobile testing. As you'll see, the sprinters have been using CiviMobile at every opportunity possible.  The picture below shows us leaving for the Goede De Woning offices on our 6-person rickshaw, tapping away at our phone screens.


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Grudzień 10, 2011
By Anonim Filed under CiviCampaign, CiviMobile, CiviCRM

The CiviMobile web app is now underway and being developed with the jQuery Mobile framework (HTML 5). 

The app is Based on the prototype that Xavier and Kyle created, and is beginning to take shape, the functionality in place at the moment includes contact/activity search, add contact and view list of events.  It’s intended to be used by an organisation’s staff, as a tool for them to use on the move.

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Listopad 6, 2011
By Anonim Filed under CiviMobile, CiviCRM

As part of my final year studying Computer Science at uni I'm required to take on a 400 hour project. I've been wanting to create a mobile app for a while now and given that CiviCRM is lacking such a feature I thought it would be a good idea to embark on developing one. Hopefully the end result will be good enough to incorporate into core!

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