Case Management

  • Easily manage single interactions, such as recording the results of a phone conversation with a constituent.
  • Track a complex sequence of interactions or communications. For example, your organization may have a specific workflow and timeline for assisting constituents in enrolling in a program. This workflow might operate along a specific timeline and be disseminated among your entire staff. CiviCRM allows you to define the steps in that process - an intake form, a phone call, a face-to-face meeting - and assign those tasks to the appropriate staff. The resulting case is then automatically recorded in the constituent’s profile for future reference.

“Our previous case management software forced us to make compromises to shoehorn our workflow into their software. With CiviCRM, we had the power to define not only the case types, but also the roles, activity types, sequences, and timelines that were specific to our organization - allowing us to schedule, assign, and track our case management work in a way that made sense for us.”