CiviCRM’s integrated nature makes creating and tracking fundraising appeals straightforward and powerful. This might include a general appeal, a newsletter appeal, a year-end appeal or a special Mother's Day campaign. Non-technical administrators can easily create contribution pages and track their results. With CiviCRM you can collect and record contributions to your organization made via check, phone and public web forms and tie them directly to constituents contact records. These contributions might include:

  • One-time donations
  • Recurring donations
  • Memorial donations
  • In-Kind donations
  • Pledge payments
  • Membership payments
  • Matching gifts

You can also:

  • Define your own contribution types for the different contributions your organization receives: in-kind, cash, volunteer time...
  • Add custom fields to track extra information about a contribution or contributor (for example, specific information required by the FEC for campaign contributions)
  • Create as many different online contribution pages as you need - for different campaigns, chapters, etc.
  • Automatically generate receipts, and track thank-you notes
  • Easily import and export contribution data to/from other systems like an accounting package
  • Search for contributions by type, amount, date, etc.
  • Offer a selection of premiums (thank-you gifts) to your contributors

“Before CiviCRM, getting our contribution data from multiple sources into one place was labor intensive. Additionally, we often took too long to thank our donors. With Civi, all contributions are processed and recorded in one place. We then send an automatic thank you via email immediately when the gift is processed, following up with a more personal thank you letter shortly thereafter.”