Standalone mini sprint

2023-02-03 03:08
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I am taking part in a small sprint on CiviCRM standalone today. Alain Benbassat and Klaas Eikelboom are going to be part of the CiviCRM stand on FOSDEM 2023 and thought they could also do a 1 day mini-sprint on Standalone. And Rich Lott, Michael McAndrew, Nic Weistrich and me rallied to the same cause.

The topic we are starting to work on today is Standalone Authentication and Authorization. The idea of CiviCRM standalone is that we have a possibility to run CiviCRM without a CMS. We think this is typically for organizations that work with a CiviCRM separate from the public website which is behind a firewall. But they still need to be possible to authenticate users and set up permissions so their users can only do the stuff they are authorized for.

We are working on entities for Users, Roles, User-Roles and Roles-Permissions and API4 requests to deal with functionality. And obivously once we have developed what we need to (a bit longer than today I am afraid) we will update the Sys Admin Guide and User Guide and other relevant documentation.

There is only so much you can do on a day but we are all quite excited on progressing this and will probably continue to invest some of our time to make this a viable option.

If you are interested, want to join in and/or want to help out there is a GitLab issue and discussion: and a Standalone channel on Mattermost:

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