Two CiviCRM Projects in Google Summer of Code 2008!

2008-04-22 12:34
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Thanks to the wonderful people from Joomla! who took us under their Google Summer of Code umbrella and personal commitment from Wes Morgan, of Environment America (who will be mentoring on CiviCRM’s behalf), we’re very, very happy to announce that we have two student projects funded by Google this year! One of the projects, Addressing aesthetics and usability, will be done by Jon T. Volkman from the University of Washington in Seattle. This project will tackle the general look and feel of CiviCRM, first by establishing the standards and guidelines that our UI should follow and then by applying them to various parts of CiviCRM’s interface. The other project, Multi-language support, will be done by (somewhat familiar) Piotr Szotkowski from Warsaw University of Technology, and will bring the ability to host multi-language CiviCRM installations – a requirement for multilingual communities, such as those in Canada (where English and French are both official languages) or ones used by worldwide communities and organisations (like Amnesty International or Wikimedia Foundation). Once again we’d like to thank all the parties involved in this success – Wes Morgan for his support and CiviCRM mentorship, Joomla! for the offer to share the precious project slots with us, and Google for sponsoring this great event in the first place.
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They deserve real accolades for sharing what Shot rightly notes are precious slots! Thanks Joomla!

I'm so happy that CiviCRM and Joomla! were able to do this. Wes has been fantastic and everyone in the Joomla! community is looking forward to seeing the results of the two projects :).