Greenleaf Advancement

Greenleaf Advancement

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Our CiviCRM Services

Greenleaf ONE is an innovative SaaS-like system that combines the power of CiviCRM with WordPress into an elegant, easy to use and fully managed offering, enabling users to efficiently focus on their mission and operations without any technical overhead or ongoing management.

  • Payment processing
  • Bulk email and texting
  • Workflow automation
  • Case management
  • Event management
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Video library and training resources
  • Monitoring, upgrades and management
  • Wealth prospecting
  • Popular WordPress plugins
  • Advanced security

Whether you have never used CiviCRM, are taking the next step up off of Spark, or want a fully-integrated website / CRM combo that integrates your data, process, and technology into a seamless toolset to drive engagement, we have the solution for you.

Learn more at to see how we can help you take your constituent engagement to a whole new level.

About Us

We take great pride in our role in helping nonprofits advance their mission. Combining our backgrounds in fundraising, business process, and technology, we are focused on helping organizations use CiviCRM to connect with their constituents. Doing this as part of a vibrant open source community is in keeping with our belief that success overall only matters if we don't leave others behind.