Training: Developer Intro to CiviCRM Entity

2024-02-08 15:52
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Whether you're an experienced developer or site builder OR are just learning the ropes, come to the free Developer Intro to CiviCRM Entity training Tuesday, February 13th 10am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm GMT

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which provides enhanced integration with Drupal, allowing developers, site builders, and content creators to utilize powerful Drupal modules including Views, Layout Builder, Media, and Rules. Drupal fields can be added to CiviCRM entity types. It provides Drupal pages and edit forms for all CiviCRM data such as contacts, allowing usage of familiar Drupal content creation tools and workflows. 

In this webinar Mark Hanna from Skvare will discuss:

  • All features provided by CiviCRM Entity out of the box.
  • The basic architecture and how integration between Drupal 10 and CiviCRM is achieved.
  • The CiviCRM Entity settings page explained
  • Adding/removing integrated entity types, or modifying properties of existing entity types.
  • Using CiviCRM API and Objects in Drupal modules
  • Default access control, and modifying access.
  • Using Drupal Entity API with CiviCRM entities
  • Theming Drupal versions of CiviCRM Entity view pages
  • Views Bulk Operations and creating new VBO Plugins