CiviCRM Security Policy & Announcements

CiviCRM security release announcements are announced via email and website.

Staying informed about CiviCRM security

Supported CiviCRM Versions

Security releases are made for supported versions of CiviCRM only. Previous / unsupported versions will not receive security advisories. Where possible, advisories will state which prior versions of CiviCRM were affected by the issue resolved in the current release - but generally the most secure approach is to ensure you are running a current release.

Release Timing

Security release "windows" are the first and third Wednesday every month, PDT timezone. A release window does not necessarily mean that a release will actually be made on that date. A regular window allows site administrators to know in advance to reserve availability for security upgrades.

How to report a security issue to CiviCRM

If you think you have discovered a security issue in CiviCRM, please follow the following procedure -

  • Outline the issue you believe exists
  • Include detailed instructions for reproducing the issue if you are able
  • Email full details to

The CiviCRM security team will co-ordinate a release once they have identified and resolved the issue. You will be credited with having reported the issue (unless you request anonymity) and for any part you take in its resolution.

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