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2020-12-19 14:03
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I’ve decided to volunteer 20-25 hours of my time over the course of a month (January 04 - 31, 2021) to help a non-profit organization with website/database work (specifically Drupal/CiviCRM). I’m fluent in English and French and speak some Spanish and Dutch!

I am a full IB student at Western Canada High School in Calgary. As part of my diploma, I need to complete a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project. A CAS project is a month-long commitment involving planning and collaboration.

Who can apply:

  • Non-profit organizations (preferably outside of North America)
  • CiviCRM Partners/Contributors who work with multiple non-profits

As a part-time employee of Semper IT (KarinG) for the past couple of years, I have a lot of experience with Drupal webform, webform civicrm, views, and other key elements of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. I know my way around in CiviCRM, having worked extensively with custom fields and activities. Projects that I have worked on at Semper IT are many and include small and large Canadian non-profit organizations in Health and Education.

If you have a project that you could use some help with please fill out this webform application by December 31, 2020!

Link to apply:

Happy Holidays!

-- Robyn Astridge

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