CiviCRM 5.7.0 release

2018-11-12 11:00
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CiviCRM version 5.7.0 is now ready to download. 


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.7.0 can be accessed here.


The complete list of 5.7.0 contributors (it's a huge team!) can be found here. Thanks to everyone for making this release happen!
This version includes:
  1. API changes
  2. New features
  3. Fixes to bugs



  •  Core CiviCRM updates:

Each item in the top (horizontal) level of the navigation menu is now accompanied by an icon.
More details available here and here.

Better title for note field.

Updates the title of the note field from "note(s)" to "note" because you can only import one note at a time. More details available here.

(DX) Civi::contactSettings - Add a facade for working with the logged-in user's settings 

This adds a helper method for accessing the SettingsBag of the contact corresponding to the logged-in user. More details available here.

Cleanup contact summary tabs code

A largely non-functional change, this makes it possible for extensions to modify the order of tabs on a contact record. More details here.



  • CiviContribute

Use cached function for financialAccount retrieval

This is a performance improvement which reduces repetitive queries when creating contributions. Details can be seen here

Allow descriptions for payment fields 
This change makes it so a payment processor extension can add a description to a payment field. Details can be seen here
  • CiviMember

Convert membership date fields to datepicker & form to entity form 

Updates the membership date fields to datepicker rather than jCalendar. This also uses the new entityFormTrait methods to add the fields in a more systematic way. More details on this change here



This release also includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements, so please check the complete list of changes by following this link.



If you are installing CiviCRM 5.7.0 from scratch, please use the corresponding automated installer instructions:
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