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27 février 2024
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Well hello there CiviCRM community!

Your favourite open source CiviCRM needs your help! 

Every year Fundraising Magazine, the UK’s only printed magazine for professional charity fundraisers, conducts a survey to spotlight the best charity CRMs with data gathered from hundreds of different organisations.

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28 octobre 2022
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Howdy folks!

Today we’d like to share with you some of the exciting new features that Compuco have been working on for CiviCRM over the past year. Our product team have been hard at work and have produced a lot of new functionality we’re excited to show off. We’ll also be letting you know how you can get your hands on it!

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14 juillet 2020
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Howdy y’all

Welcome to post 2 of our in depth look at the new CiviCase extension! 

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26 juin 2020
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Hey y’all,

A little bit more news from the Compucorp team and we are super excited to announce the latest release of the Membership Extras extension (that’s v2.1 for those who are counting!).

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10 juin 2020
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After a few thousand man hours later, a few million slack messages and an awful lot of coffee, the team at Compucorp are delighted to bring to you the first stable version of the new Shoreditch-influenced CiviCase extension. The new extension delivers a whole new case management experience for CiviCRM. 

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2 avril 2019
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Over the past 12 months the team at Compucorp have been working super hard on a major leap for the CiviCRM membership module. We have a new suite of extensions and modules that will shortly be available to download from the CiviCRM website (you can download the beta from github now!). These include:

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23 mars 2018
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A little while ago the team here at Compucorp wrote about Shoreditch, the first CiviCRM “theme’ extension. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on a series of updates and changes ready for the theme’s release in a few weeks time!

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9 février 2018
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Aloha, everyone! As you all know, CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful report templates for each CiviCRM entities. You can use these templates to create difference report instances to interrogate your data.

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