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The native CiviCRM extension ContactSegment has been funded by PUM Senior Experts ( and developed by CiviCooP ( It is an open source extension and available for the general public under the AGPL-3.0 license.

The ContactSegment extension has been developed for CiviCRM version 4.4.

The ContactSegment extension adds an additional segmentation for contacts in CiviCRM, with a parent/child relationship. This will also show on the contact summary as an additional tab.

PUM Senior Experts uses CiviCRM to manage sending voluntary experts to support SME's in development countries. They use segmentation into sectors and areas of expertise. An example of a sector is “Agriculture: arable farming” and an example of an area of expertise (that is a subdivision of a sector) is “Ecological farming”.

PUM Senior Experts uses sectors and areas of expertise to segment different contacts in several situations:

  • they are added to individual experts as the stuff they are good at and to match them to specific projects

  • they are added to organisations looking for experts to determine what they are looking for and to find experts for them

  • each sector has a volunteer who is responsible for the sector (validating new experts, validating requests for assistance, knowing what is going on in the sector etc.) called the Sector Coordinator

  • when validating new candidate experts the Sector Coordinator is assisted by one or more contacts who are Recruitment Team Members

The extension ContactSegment has been developed to meet the basic requirement of PUM Senior Experts, but as a generic extension that can be used by other community member too.

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